Ecosocialist Manifesto launch – Birmingham


What is Ecosocialism?

A West Midlands ACR public meeting.

Thursday 11th July. 7pm.

Venue – Friends of the Earth. The Warehouse. 54-57 Allison St, Birmingham, B5 5TH. Medium meeting room, ground floor. 10 minutes’ walk from New St station and 5 minutes’ walk from Moor St. Station.

ACR is launching its Ecosocialist Revolution: A Manifesto, our most detailed document yet around ecosocialist strategy

We are firmly committed to visioning a future world where we are free from commodification and alienation and can live in a sustainable relationship to the planet. This means not just talking about the tools we will use (socialising the economy, democratic planning) but why we use them and what kind of world we want to build with them. Simon Hannah will outline the arguments behind this vision and the key practical tasks urgently required in order to realise it.

Simon Hannah is the National Secretary of ACR and author of “A Party with Socialists in It: A History of the Labour Left”, “Capitalist China and Socialist Revolution”, “Can’t’ Pay, Won’t Pay, The fight to stop the Poll Tax.”

Contact us at – https://midlandsanticapitalists.wordpress.com/  or acrwestmids@btinternet.com

Organised by ACR