Ecosocialist Manifesto launch – Online

7.00pm – 8.30pm

In an age of increasing crisis and uncertainty, things clearly cannot carry on the way they are. Something has to give.

People say the system is broken, but what if the system is functioning precisely as it is supposed to? In a world dominated by profit at all cost we can see how the overlapping problems of the modern age – the environmental crisis, growing social inequality, pandemics, the rise of the far right – are all rooted in capitalism.

We are struggling in a global economy that exploits both people and planet. Infinite growth on a finite planet is an irrational economic system and clearly impossible to sustain.

Those in power push for a so called green capitalism which maintains unsustainable consumption levels whilst plundering the global south for raw materials. Politicians talk climate targets but nothing changes.

As a result, the scale of the problem seems insurmountable, leading to feelings of powerlessness.

But this is not the only way to live. Alternatives are not only needed, they are possible and can be achieved. We just need to be confident enough to fight for them. Our alternative to the destruction of capital is an economy that meets human needs based on the collective democratic power of producers and consumers. Such a society will be in a sustainable relationship to other life forms and the environment itself eliminating waste and production for profit. We call this society ecosocialism.

Come and hear the case for ecosocialism and a revolution to change the world!

You can read Ecosocialist RevolutionA Manifesto on our website

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