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No Wes Streeting, private practice damages the NHS

Dave Kellaway responds to shadow Health Secretary, Wes Streeting’s argument that paying private hospitals for treating NHS patients is a good thing and that it is only middle class ‘lefties’ who object to it.

“Civil War”: Alex Garland’s Unsettling Exploration of a Fractured America

In his latest dystopian film, Civil War, director Alex Garland presents a thought-provoking and unsettling vision of a divided United States, inviting viewers to contemplate the consequences of societal polarisation and the role of journalism in capturing the truth amidst conflict. Simon Pearson reviews.

GKN sit‑in Festival: ‘the exploiters need us, but we don’t need them’

Hilary Horrocks discusses a recent march and festival organised by sacked workers at the GKN factory in Campi Bisenzio, Italy, who are fighting to keep their workplace open under public ownership and workers' control, despite the owners' attempts to shut it down.

Palestine, Ukraine and the crisis of empires

Simon Pirani analyses the ongoing conflicts in Palestine and Ukraine, the crisis of the American and Russian empires, and the implications for the global labour and social movements.

Io Capitano is not fiction

We publish here an article by a member of a humanitarian rescue boat from today’s Il Manifesto, a daily left wing newspaper in Italy, that shows the events fictionalised in Garrone’s film currently reviewed on this site are taking place today, right now. Translated by Dave Kellaway with additional clarifications


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The “State of Palestine” between liquidating the cause and continuing the struggle

In the face of the current catastrophe that exceeds the 1948 Nakba in awfulness, atrocity, lethality, destruction and displacement, the “Palestinian Authority” (PA) has come up from Ramallah with an initiative deemed to offset the suffering that the people of Palestine has been enduring, namely a renewed application to the United Nations Security Council to recognize Ramallah’s PA as a member state of the international organization on the same footing as other member states. By Gilbert Achcar.

Stonewall and the early days

More 3 Body Problems

Io capitano: a migrant’s journey

Rose Dugdale: from heiress to the IRA

Political Earthquake: A Double Victory for the Peoples of Turkey

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues, Part 3




Meeting: Making sense of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


Organised by ACR



UCU Members for Ukraine webinar: Ukraine’s economy + postwar reconstruction

7.00pm – 9.00pm

Organised by ACR


Support Russian anti‑war activists/Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

Dodo Modern Poets


Frantz Fanon: Martinican, French, Algerian, African Revolutionary

Ian Parker is reading a new full account of Fanon’s short life and work.

Karl Marx and Ecology: An Interview with Michael Löwy

Lenin’s Political Work

Two, three, many Lenins

Socialism and revolutionary democracy: Lenin’s legacy for our time of catastrophe

The Limits of Left Moralism

Global Anti‑Trans Movement


Internationalism or Russification

Internationalism or Russification A study in the Soviet nationalities problem by Ivan Dzuyba Internationalism or Russification? was written in 1965 while there was a wave of political repression in Ukraine. In the book, Dzyuba analyses from a Marxist position the national and cultural policy of the Soviet Union in Ukraine. The book was first sent to the Secretary of the Central […]

Israel’s War on Gaza

ISRAEL’S WAR ON GAZA by Gilbert Achcar Israel has seized the opportunity of Hamas’s operation on 7 October 2023 to devastate Gaza, reducing it to rubble, massacring a huge number of its inhabitants and forcing the rest to flee. Another Nakba is underway, 75 years after the creation of Israel. This booklet includes articles by Gilbert […]

Making Sense of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Making Sense of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine by Paul Le Blanc In this small book, Paul Le Blanc tries to ‘make sense of the Russian invasion of Ukraine’. His starting point is for a victory for Ukrainian self-determination and opposition to imperialism in all its forms. Paul Le Blanc tackles the following themes: What Mistaken Friends Say […]

The Russian Invasion and the Ukrainian Left

The Russian Invasion and the Ukrainian Left The Struggle for a Social Ukraine Commons Journal 13/2023: Edited by Stas Serhiienko, Published by Resistance Books. The Commons journal of social criticism is a left-wing Ukrainian media about economy, politics, history and culture, founded in 2009. ContentsArticles on: To the Western left, Between Survival and Resistance, and For a Just […]