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Solidarity with US Auto Workers

The recent strikes by the United Auto Workers (UAW) against major American carmakers signify a pivotal moment for labour unions and worker activism. As Susan Pashkoff analyses in this insightful article, after years of concessions, workers are asserting their leverage at a time of booming corporate profits. The outcome of these auto worker strikes could determine the balance of power between workers and employers moving forward.

Defend the right to protest, strike and boycott..

Veronica Fagan explores the ways the Tories are attacking our rights to organise - including the under-discussed anti-boycott bill

Birmingham City Council: honour your commitment to net zero by 2030

A statement initiated by Birmingham Climate Justice Coalition.

Degrowth: a remarkable renaissance

This article, by Alan Thornett, was written for the current edition of the Green Left’s publication Watermelon in advance of the Green Party conference.

!NOW!! Can you join the Climate Crisis ‘Dots’?!

Allan Todd writes: Chris Packham can join up those ‘dots’, if others still can't or refuse to do so, despite it, sadly, being something that’s increasingly easy to do these days. Those still unable to see the bigger picture should tune in to Chris Packham’s programme, ‘Chris Packham: Is It Time to Break the Law?’ - which will be shown on Channel 4 next Wednesday (20 September), at 9.00 p.m.


We seek revolutionary transformation to meet the compound crisis of ecological disaster, economic collapse, social decay, grotesque inequality, mass impoverishment, growing militarisation, and creeping authoritarianism.


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Remembering: The coup in Chile

Dave Kellaway reflects on the significance of the fascist coup in Chile that took place 50 years ago this week and on the mass solidarity campaign that developed here in the UK.

Reactionary Branding

Stand with Ukraine: TUC Backs Their Right to Resist Russian Aggression

The right to work or the right to be lazy?

A Revolutionary Experience. Chile 1970 – 1973

TUC General Secretary speech to Congress 2023

The last words of Salvador Allende




Where is Starmer going? What is the eco‑socialist alternative?

7.00pm – 9.00pm

Organised by ACR



Internationalism today: Anti*Capitalist Resistance day school

11.00am – 5.00pm

Organised by ACR


Support Russian anti‑war activists/Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

Dodo Modern Poets


Reading Mandel

Ian Parker reviews a new book about the work of Ernest Mandel.

On Reproductive Justice, the dangers of Malthusianism, Neo‑Malthusianism and Social Policy

Anarchists and Marxists

Imagined Threats, Real Inequality: Marxism And The Allure Of Conspiracism

In honour of Esteban Volkov (1926‑2023)

Adorno in the Kremlin

Che Guevara: Marxist intellectual?


Uprising: the October Rebellion in Ecuador

UPRISING is a detailed description and analysis of the Indigenous-led uprising of October 2019 in Ecuador, written by three people deeply involved in the revolt. The lead author, Leonidas Iza, came to national prominence as one of the central leaders of the rebellion.

Capitalist China and socialist revolution

Capitalist China and socialist revolution ISBN: 978-0-902869-21-9 (print)ISBN: 978-0-902869-20-2 (e-book) RRP: £5, €6, $7 (print) 78 pages; 108x178mm. Publication date: April 2023 PUBLISHED BY Resistance Books,; ABOUT THE AUTHORSimon Hannah is a local government worker and a socialist and trade union activist. He is the author of A Party with Socialists in it: […]

Ecosocialism Not Extinction

Ecosocialism Not Extinction by Allan Todd ISBN: 978-0-902869-33-2 (print)ISBN: 978-0-902869-32-5 (e-book) RRP: £5, €6, $7 (print)Publication date: November 2022 88 pages; 178x102mm ABOUT THE BOOK The planet is facing an existential crisis. Modern humans, in particular under capitalism, have been doing irreversible damage to the ecosystems. An exit strategy from fossil energy and intensive animal […]

UKRAINE: Voices of resistance and solidarity

A collection of recent writings by Ukrainians and socialists around the world. This is an extremely important book published at this tragic moment when our country has been invaded. It builds a bridge of solidarity between the people of Ukraine and the working class around the world. The contributions make it easier to imagine a […]