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Galloway wins again, this time in Rochdale

Dave Kellaway looks at 3 key questions raised by Galloway’s electoral victory in Rochdale.

‘Free public transport opens the city to all’

Free public transport, writes Simon Pirani, promotes a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable London, where everyone has access to the city's resources.

Charges of antisemitism weaponised

The spectre of antisemitism is being used to silence legitimate criticism of Israel and its apartheid policies against Palestinians, creating a dangerous atmosphere of suppression and fear. Article by Peter Hudis.

Grifter Capital

An audio version of the article Grifter Capital by Simon Hannah and Rowan Fortune, which is also available to read on the website.

Remarks on a tendentious review of my booklet, Israel’s War on Gaza

In this article, Gilbert Achcar fiercely responds to a review of his short booklet on the war in Gaza, released by Resistance Books, refuting the reviewer's accusations of antisemitism and reaffirming his stance on Israel's occupation as the core injustice fueling the conflict.


We seek revolutionary transformation to meet the compound crisis of ecological disaster, economic collapse, social decay, grotesque inequality, mass impoverishment, growing militarisation, and creeping authoritarianism.


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This Ibsen Adaptation Forces Us to Confront Our Failing System

Matt Smith's "An Enemy of the People," writes Simon Hannah, serves as a visceral wake-up call, its revolutionary spirit echoing the urgency for systemic change; it reminds us that in a world where truth is weaponised, silence is complicity, and the decaying system thrives on our inaction, a mere outcry is not enough

Palestine frames British politics today

Rochdale: Reopen nominations

AI powered decision is not final in the socialist society

How Manchester was gifted to corporate landlords

Portuguese Elections –Left Bloc leader in debate

‘Optimism of the Will’: Ecosocialist Dreamin’




Disability Praxis: The Body as a Site of Struggle


Organised by ACR



20 DAYS IN MARIUPOL – Charity screening for medical aid to Ukraine


Organised by Ukraine Solidarity Campaign


Support Russian anti‑war activists/Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

Dodo Modern Poets


Frantz Fanon: Martinican, French, Algerian, African Revolutionary

Ian Parker is reading a new full account of Fanon’s short life and work.

Two, three, many Lenins

Socialism and revolutionary democracy: Lenin’s legacy for our time of catastrophe

The Limits of Left Moralism

Global Anti‑Trans Movement

Everybody Gets to be a Fascist: Or, What Taylor Swift Taught Me About Fascism

What internationalism do we need today?


Israel’s War on Gaza

ISRAEL’S WAR ON GAZA by Gilbert Achcar Israel has seized the opportunity of Hamas’s operation on 7 October 2023 to devastate Gaza, reducing it to rubble, massacring a huge number of its inhabitants and forcing the rest to flee. Another Nakba is underway, 75 years after the creation of Israel. This booklet includes articles by Gilbert […]

Making Sense of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Making Sense of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine by Paul Le Blanc In this small book, Paul Le Blanc tries to ‘make sense of the Russian invasion of Ukraine’. His starting point is for a victory for Ukrainian self-determination and opposition to imperialism in all its forms. Paul Le Blanc tackles the following themes: What Mistaken Friends Say […]

The Russian Invasion and the Ukrainian Left

The Russian Invasion and the Ukrainian Left The Struggle for a Social Ukraine Commons Journal 13/2023: Edited by Stas Serhiienko, Published by Resistance Books. The Commons journal of social criticism is a left-wing Ukrainian media about economy, politics, history and culture, founded in 2009. ContentsArticles on: To the Western left, Between Survival and Resistance, and For a Just […]

The Well‑Dressed Revolutionary. The Odyssey of Michel Pablo

ISBN: 978-0-902869-10-3 (print)e-ISBN 978-0-902869-07-3 (e-book) RRP: £18, €22, $US25 (print)RRP: £9.99, €14.99, $US17.99 (e-book) 380 pages; 156×234 mm. Publication date: September 2023 About the book Michael Pablo was a twentieth century revolutionary whose life and ideas remain relevant and inspirational in the 21st. He spent his life involved in revolutions around the globe – in […]