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Does Momentum provide the dynamic the left needs today?

Veronica Fagan assesses where Momentum is up to seven years after its creation – and explores how it got here.

French Revisionism and the Erasure of the Algerian Revolution

Marnia Lazreg explores how a new generation of scholars is seeking to write the 1954 Revolution out of history.

‘It were them the cause not you’

Dave Kellaway reviews Sherwood, the BBC drama series about two murders in a Notts former mining village set against the back drop of the historic 1984 miners’ strike.

Ukrainians face forcible deportation and conscription by Russian forces

Ukrainian activists in the Eastern Human Rights Group are using social media to build up a register of people forcibly deported from Russian-occupied areas. By Simon Pirani.

Why is Ukrainian resistance invisible to you?

Simon Pirani writing in his blog People and Nature.


We seek revolutionary transformation to meet the compound crisis of ecological disaster, economic collapse, social decay, grotesque inequality, mass impoverishment, growing militarisation, and creeping authoritarianism.


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Resisting the overturn of Roe v Wade

Terry Conway writes on the mobilisation called by Abortion Rights last night (24/06) to protest against the devastating decision by the United States Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade.

Barristers strike against Tory cuts

The struggle for socialism within Labour

NYC Abortion rights demo 24/6 2022

Reinventing Nazism for state propaganda: How morality is being replaced by force 

The Rightwing’s Supreme Court Coup

Inside the Ukrainian Resistance




The Overturn of Roe vs Wade: The Struggle for Reproductive Justice in the US

7.30pm – 9.00pm

Organised by ACR





Organised by Ukraine Solidarity Campaign


Psychoanalysis and Liberation: Four Arguments

Gilbert Achcar in conversation


Redeeming Marcuse

Ian Parker reviews the new edition of Herbert Marcuse’s Psychoanalysis, Politics, and Utopia: Five Lectures published by Repeater Books.

Alienation, Spectacle, and Revolution: A Critical Marxist Essay – a review

Revolutionary defeatism, yesterday and today

For a People’s History of Psychoanalysis’

On Being a Marxist Psychoanalyst (and a Psychoanalytic Marxist)

A Guide to Reading Karl Marx for the First Time

On the Frontier of Whiteness? Expropriation, War, and Social Reproduction in Ukraine


Radical Psychoanalysis

This crisis-ridden world is having disastrous effects on the climate, on our bodies and on our internal worlds, on how we feel and try to respond, on how we panic and on how we act collectively. Psychoanalysis can be part of this collective political response. Ian Parker shows how personal struggle can be linked to political struggle so we confront misery in this world and find alternatives in anti-capitalist resistance.

Mind Fuck

In this little book, Neil Faulkner draws on Marxist-Freudian theory to provide an updated analysis of the mass psychology of fascism, and to argue for a progressive counter-offensive based on love, labour, and reason.


This book offers critical Marxist thinking about the nature of the crisis and what must be done to turn mass protest into the revolutionary transformation on which our survival depends.

Why We Need Anti‑Capitalist Resistance

Simon Hannah gives an outline of Marxism and how it can help us in the fight to free people from exploitation and save the planet