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Labour’s Manifesto – Bowing Down to the False Gods of Social Liberalism

Dave Kellaway examines how the Labour manifesto is underpinned by an ideology that slavishly accepts the status quo as a model for organising the economy, the welfare state, and the government. Rather than generating hope for real change, it is imbued with pessimism about what we as working people can achieve, assuming the gods of the market and capital cannot be even minimally challenged. It even rejects a traditional social democratic vision of public ownership, taxation, and redistribution.

Hunger Data Compared with G7 Military Spending

We are pleased to translate and publish a leaflet distributed today at the G7 summit attended by Rishi Sunak. Peacelink, which produced the leaflet, is a voluntary association founded in 1991 that promotes solidarity, human rights, peace, international cooperation, and rejects racism and the mafia. It defends the environment and legality. Photos are from Franca Cammarota, who is at the demonstration (Dave Kellaway).

After the European elections: reassembling an ecosocialist project

In the aftermath of the European elections, it's imperative to reassemble an ecosocialist project to counter the rise of the extreme right, address the failures of the left, and confront the ecological crisis while fostering militant opposition against militarism, colonialism, and capitalist austerity. By Anticapitalistas

‘Freedom to Buy’ “helps only a small minority and ignores the core problem”

Angela Rayner announces Labour's "Freedom to Buy" policy, which aims to help a small number of potential homeowners through a mortgage guarantee scheme, but critics argue it fails to address the larger issue of affordable housing and ignores the needs of millions struggling with high rents and housing insecurity. By LLabour Campaign for Council Housing.

Farage’s Populism

Farage is reviving Nick Griffin's divisive legacy in British politics; Simon Pearson examines what that means in the context of 2024 and how socialists should interpret this reactionary threat.


We seek revolutionary transformation to meet the compound crisis of ecological disaster, economic collapse, social decay, grotesque inequality, mass impoverishment, growing militarisation, and creeping authoritarianism.


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How Biden Mutated into a Dove

So that no one may imagine that a divine revelation descended upon Biden and his administration, and that they repented of their collusion with the perpetrators of genocide...By Gilbert Achcar

Who sows far right policies … reaps the far right

Systemic Poverty is a Huge Hindrance to China’s Economy

The Drums of War are Banging in Europe

UCU Congress 2024: Key Issues and Debates Explored

Statement by the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (New Anticapitalist Party) on the European Election Results in France

European elections – far right surge but centre holds on




Ecosocialism strategy online seminar


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Restore Nature Now


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Making Sense of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Support Russian anti‑war activists/Solidarity with the People of Ukraine


Traumas & Futures

In a retrospective article of its previous work on the trans* struggle, Rowan Fortune asks what it means to persist despite having already reached the point of crisis, having already borne witness to years when solidarity palpably failed. This article was written with invaluable assistance from Twilight O’Hara.

Are teachers the (new) proletarians?

Karl Marx and Ecology: An Interview with Michael Löwy

Lenin’s Political Work

Frantz Fanon: Martinican, French, Algerian, African Revolutionary

Two, three, many Lenins

Socialism and revolutionary democracy: Lenin’s legacy for our time of catastrophe


Internationalism or Russification

Internationalism or Russification A study in the Soviet nationalities problem by Ivan Dzuyba Internationalism or Russification? was written in 1965 while there was a wave of political repression in Ukraine. In the book, Dzyuba analyses from a Marxist position the national and cultural policy of the Soviet Union in Ukraine. The book was first sent to the Secretary of the Central […]

Israel’s War on Gaza

ISRAEL’S WAR ON GAZA by Gilbert Achcar Israel has seized the opportunity of Hamas’s operation on 7 October 2023 to devastate Gaza, reducing it to rubble, massacring a huge number of its inhabitants and forcing the rest to flee. Another Nakba is underway, 75 years after the creation of Israel. This booklet includes articles by Gilbert […]

Making Sense of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Making Sense of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine by Paul Le Blanc In this small book, Paul Le Blanc tries to ‘make sense of the Russian invasion of Ukraine’. His starting point is for a victory for Ukrainian self-determination and opposition to imperialism in all its forms. Paul Le Blanc tackles the following themes: What Mistaken Friends Say […]

The Russian Invasion and the Ukrainian Left

The Russian Invasion and the Ukrainian Left The Struggle for a Social Ukraine Commons Journal 13/2023: Edited by Stas Serhiienko, Published by Resistance Books. The Commons journal of social criticism is a left-wing Ukrainian media about economy, politics, history and culture, founded in 2009. ContentsArticles on: To the Western left, Between Survival and Resistance, and For a Just […]