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British Capitalism on the Brink

Simon Hannah reports on the mounting crisis for British capitalism.

Banker’s Bonuses and the Economics of Inequality

According to the city, the public, and even some Conservative party members, yesterday’s emergency intervention by the Bank of England in the financial markets qualifies as a crisis. A week, writes Simon Pearson is a long time in politics.


This week, members of the CWU, RMT, ASLEF, and Unite will all be striking. Anti*Capitalist Resistance stands in solidarity with the 167,000+ workers who will be striking on Saturday as part of this autumn's #megastrike.

The Labour Files

Using the greatest document leak in British political history as a starting point, Al Jazeera investigators try to piece together what happened. With the use of hundreds of internal documents, emails, and social media postings, The Labour Files reveal how high-ranking officials in one of the two main political parties in UK politics staged a covert coup against the party's duly elected leader.

Ukraine: bogus ‘anti‑imperialism’ serves the Kremlin

Simon Pirani talks to Future of the Left in a debate on Ukraine.


We seek revolutionary transformation to meet the compound crisis of ecological disaster, economic collapse, social decay, grotesque inequality, mass impoverishment, growing militarisation, and creeping authoritarianism.


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Post Fascist Leader Giorgia Meloni Wins in Italy

Dave Kellaway makes an initial analysis of the results of the Italian general election.

UKRAINE: Voices of resistance and solidarity

This is not my voice: This is the voice of Zhina Amini

Iran demonstration in Manchester: Disruption and Solidarity

 “The Future of Public Transport”

Workers can win – a handbook for all trade union activists

Not a Single Soldier for the Criminal War!




Dychmygu Cymru Annibynnol / Imagining an Independent Wales


Organised by Melin Drafod



Just Stop Oil Coalition

11.00am – 5.00pm

Organised by Just Stop Oil Coalition


The Overturn of Roe vs Wade: The Struggle for Reproductive Justice in the US

Psychoanalysis and Liberation: Four Arguments


Cultivating Shared Agency

The process of revolutionary consciousness by Rowan Fortune.

Did Lenin Create Ukraine? On the Right of Nations to Self‑Determination and Marxism

The meaning of ‘So‑called Primitive Accumulation’

Will the Real Fascists Please Stand Up?

Podemos: party of struggles or populist operation from above?

Marx, Spinoza, and the Political Implications of Contemporary Psychiatry

False Consciousness and Ideology


Stalinist Realism and Open Communism

Stalinist Realism and Open Communism Malignant Mirror or Free Association by Ian Parker ISBN: 978-0-902869-27-1 (print)ISBN: 978-0-902869-26-4 (e-book) RRP: £6, €7.50, $8 (print)Publication date: 1 October 2022 98 pages; 178x102mm ABOUT THE BOOKCapitalism as a global system of rule that tells us that there is no alternative, and this is accompanied by its terrible twin, ‘stalinist […]

Radical Psychoanalysis

This crisis-ridden world is having disastrous effects on the climate, on our bodies and on our internal worlds, on how we feel and try to respond, on how we panic and on how we act collectively. Psychoanalysis can be part of this collective political response. Ian Parker shows how personal struggle can be linked to political struggle so we confront misery in this world and find alternatives in anti-capitalist resistance.

Mind Fuck

In this little book, Neil Faulkner draws on Marxist-Freudian theory to provide an updated analysis of the mass psychology of fascism, and to argue for a progressive counter-offensive based on love, labour, and reason.


This book offers critical Marxist thinking about the nature of the crisis and what must be done to turn mass protest into the revolutionary transformation on which our survival depends.