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A Pandemic of Privatisation

Never let a crisis go to waste writes Neil Faulkner. NHS privatisation has been on fast-forward since the Covid-19 pandemic began last March

Who has found the white working class?

The House of Commons Education Committee writes Jon Duveen, has made one progressive step: it has at last realised that classes exist.

Galloway the gallowglass

A gallowglass was a medieval Scottish mercenary, a hireling who thought of nothing but personal glory and money writes Andy Stowe.

Independent living is a right for all

Unite rep and support worker, Ali Treacher, believes our social care is not fit for purpose and systemic change must happen. In an article for Unite Extra, she writes...

French Regional Elections – 66% abstain amid reactionary offensive

Dave Kellaway reports on the regional elections in France.


We seek revolutionary transformation to meet the compound crisis of ecological disaster, economic collapse, social decay, grotesque inequality, mass impoverishment, growing militarisation, and creeping authoritarianism.


Privacy policy

Some Lessons of the Podemos experience

Dave Kellaway looks back at the Pablo Iglesias era which found the Spanish left in the political ascendancy.

Can the Ministry point to a better future?

The Limitations of Community Wealth Building

Turbulent priest and a great exhibition

“We’re back” What is Biden’s foreign policy?

Victory for Osime Brown

After McCluskey … ?


Why We Need Anti‑Capitalist Resistance

Simon Hannah gives an outline of Marxism and how it can help us in the fight to free people from exploitation and save the planet

System Crash

Revolution – ending the rule of capital and the state – has become an existential necessity. This book is a call to arms.

Creeping Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It

This book is about one simple idea: that the wave of racism and reaction sweeping the world is the modern form of fascism.

The Global Police State

As the world becomes ever more unequal, people become ever more 'disposable'. Today, governments systematically exclude sections of their populations from society though heavy-handed policing. But it doesn't always go to plan. William I. Robinson exposes the nature and dynamics of this out-of-control system, arguing for the urgency of creating a movement capable of overthrowing it.


Freedom and Covid

This is a modified version of a talk Rowan Fortune given for ZeroCovid on the reactionary thought behind opposition to public health policies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Culture Wars, Class, and Power

Identity and Liberation: a critical Marxist difference

Socialisms and psychoanalysis

What are the Real Reasons Behind the New Cold War?

Guy Debord and the Spectacle

Labour‑Power and Social Reproduction through a Neoliberal Lens




Plague Songs by Martin Rowson

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Nancy A Heitzeg speaking at Abolish the Police! Should we? Could we?

Adam Elliott Cooper speaking at Abolish the Police! Should we? Could we?