Despite overwhelming calls for a ceasefire from all but three governments (Israel, USA and UK) Israel has ignored international pressure and continues to kill Palestinians as part of its genocidal war.

ACR broadsheet on Palestine, slogans say Ceasefire Now, End the Siege of Gaza, Release Palestinian Prisoners and Boycott Divestment Sanctions

Resistance and solidarity is appearing everywhere as huge demonstrations have been organised in support of the Palestinians and their national rights. The protest in London on 21 October of around 300,000 was only matched by the one on 28 October with some estimating around 500,000 taking part. And it wasn’t just in London – there were other solidarity demonstrations in towns and cities across the UK as thousands more people took to the streets to show their solidarity for the Palestinians.

ACR produced a new broadsheet which we distributed on the demonstrations. Our materials have been incredibly popular, we handed out around 5,000 broadsheets on the two recent demonstrations. We plan on continuing our intervention into the movement and organising meetings to talk about the political situation and how we can build solidarity. As such we are issuing an appeal to raise money for our campaigning work.

Please donate below if you are able, a donation however small will assist the Anti*Capitalist Resistance in fighting the forces amassed against the working class. 

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