Our What We Stand For is online here.

The world is facing an unprecedented interrelated crisis with the accelerating climate disaster, creeping fascism and economic turmoil.

Extreme inequality is out of control. There are more billionaires than ever before. Meanwhile, the world’s poorest get even poorer as governments bail out private corporations and cut back on education and health. This is no accident, nor just the result of greed. It is built into the logic of capitalism, a system built on profit and exploitation of people and planet

Change is urgent. We need mass movements to win victories for democracy and social, climate and economic justice. We must organise for action now, but also for wider system change.

We fight for reforms under capitalism but we need a revolution to get rid of this rotten system that prioritises profit over people and planet.

We need to get organised. Get in touch with Anticapitalist Resistance and discuss joining – everyone has their part to play in building a better world.