Book launch for Disability Praxis: The Body as a Site of Struggle


Those of you with an interest in Marxism and Disability might wish to start the new year by joining the Marxism and Disability Network, which meets monthly online to discuss presentations, and seeks to promote research in Marxism and Disability

The next meeting – MDN’s first event of 2024 will take place on Tuesday, 9th January at 6.30pm GMT.

Bob Williams-Findlay, author of Disability Praxis: The Body as a Site of Struggle (published by Pluto Press), will be presenting key arguments from this book, followed by a Q&A. A Pluto Press discount code for purchasing the book will be shared during the event.

Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87204018131?pwd=62Q7h8PqlcCfODigW7RB3bzO4wj3Od.1

Meeting ID: 872 0401 8131

Passcode: 995243

If you wish to add all the future MDN talks’ dates and times to your calendar, the 2024 MDN list of events is available here.

Those interested in joining the network can register here –  https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/wa-jisc.exe?SUBED1=MARXISM-DISABILITY&A=1 or (perhaps even better)  on the MDN website’s contact page, where you can check out other events and activities: https://marxismdisability.wordpress.com/contact/

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