Neil Faulkner (1958 – 2022) Charismatic Revolutionary: A memorial meeting hosted by Anti*Capitalist Resistance

4.30pm – 6.30pm

The death of Neil Faulkner on February 4 is an irreparable loss, not only to his family and friends, but to his comrades in Anti*Capitalist Resistance and the militant Left as a whole. He was a brilliant speaker and writer, with an amazing ability to explain the theories of Marxism, to inspire people, young and old, in the struggle for socialism, and to de-mystify what the ruling class tell us about history and contemporary society.

This memorial meeting will be an occasion to remember Neil, to celebrate him as a friend and comrade, and to pay tribute for his contribution to the revolutionary Marxist movement. The meeting will hear short contributions from a range of activists who worked with Neil. There will also be videos and photos of Neil, and music. There will be an open mike for members of the audience to share their memories.

Confirmed Speakers (so far, with more to be confirmed):

William I Robinson (Professor of Sociology)

Jan Woolf (artist and writer)

Tansy Hoskins (author and campaigner)

Phil Hearse (Anti*Capitalist Resistance)

David Castle (Pluto Press)

Seema Syeda (co-author Creeping Fascism)

Joseph Healy (Left Unity)

Rowan Fortune (Mutiny)

Simon Hannah (Anti*Capitalist Resistance)

Fred Leplat (Resistance Books)

Here are links to some obituaries of Neil,

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Organised by ACR