Not My Bill


During the coronation weekend, 63 people were arrested under the Met police’s ‘Operation Golden Orb’, one of the largest security operations the Met has led. It boasted 11,500 officers, facial recognition and dog units. A sweep of ‘pre-emptive’ unfounded arrests has formed a clear state overreach against peaceful protesters. Where is the statement from the Met that all arrests on this day related to protest were unlawful? We must counteract their divide-and-rule strategy, and make this crack in their judgement the start of an avalanche of change.

Repressive policing is not new – it is a key part of how the system operates – but it is getting worse, with sweeping new powers and an increasingly authoritarian government. With the state on the back foot over the recent arrests, we must unite to push back against repressive policing in all its forms.

Let’s not let ordinary people be intimidated by these unjust arrests, or let the mainstream press frame the conversation at this pivotal moment – let’s organise and get on the streets!

In the race of this repression, we will resist.

Join us at 12pm on May 27th on Parliament Square.

Organised by Republic