Russian troops out of Ukraine/Down with all imperialist power/ Solidarity with the people of Ukraine

7.30pm – 9.00pm

Yuliya Yurchenko: Sotsialny Rukh – Social Movement, author of Ukraine and the Empire of Capital.

Simon Pirani: author of Change in Putin’s Russia and other books and articles on Russia and Ukraine, labour movement activist

Andy Kilmister: Anti*Capitalist Resistance and member of editorial board of Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe (formerly Debatte).

Europe stands now on the brink of war. Putin has launched a brutal war of conquest of Ukraine; an imperialist military adventure of regime change. He has used the pretext that NATO is expansionist – which it is – to justify yet another war. Western imperialism is responding by strengthening its military forces. The people of Ukraine deserve our unconditional solidarity in their resistance and should be free to exercise their right to democratic self-determination. In Britain, we must open the borders to welcome the refugees from Ukraine, as well as all others fleeing wars and persecution.

Organised by ACR