Stop Truss’ new anti‑union laws! Repeal the old ones! Fight for the right to strike


On 10 October the Free Our Unions campaign and Earth Strike / Empower the Unions are holding an assembly and protest at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in London to oppose the threat of new anti-trade union laws that Liz Truss, in the context of the strike wave, has signalled as one of her top priorities.

We are also demanding the scrapping of all existing anti-union laws and their replacement with strong workers’ rights. We demand the right to strike and picket freely, including in solidarity with other workers and over political issues like the climate crisis.

We are in the midst of a cost of living crisis, ecological crisis, and facing new attacks on workers rights by the ruling class. New and existing anti-union laws prevent us from legally taking strike action on issues relating to social and environmental issues. We need to empower our union to challenge and abolish these laws or break them.

The wider trade union and labour movement needs to mobilise to stop these new laws. We will be organising protests to get the ball rolling.

Join us at BEIS on 10 October. For more information or to add your support to the protest email freeourunions@gmail.com

Organised by Free Our Unions