Troublemakers’ Conference 2023


We are calling on all ‘troublemakers at work’ to join us for this important one-day event.

We need to bring together workers who have won improvements at work, taken strike action, and transformed weak unions into a strong voice for workers. Our event has a rank-and-file orientation: the labour movement is built and owned by the workers in it, not the paid officials or leaderships of unions. Join this event if you want to: win a pay rise, change something about your work, start a union at work, or kickstart an existing union at work!

Places are limited and we want to involve a diverse mix of workers. Help with childcare is available and we will make our event as accessible as we can.

Our conference is organised by a democratic committee, without affiliation to political parties or particular unions. We are proudly supported by some serious organisations trying to build the most powerful workers movement possible, initially including Workers Can Win!Strike Map and Organise Now! For an updated list, see About Us.

Organised by Various