Where is Starmer going? What is the eco‑socialist alternative?

7.00pm – 9.00pm

Where is Starmer going?

What is the eco-socialist alternative?

Wednesday 27 September, 7pm

OneKX centre, 120 Cromer Street, WC1H 8BS

(on the corner with Judd St)


  • Simon Hannah, ACR and author of A party with socialists in it.
  • Mehmood Mirza, independent socialist councillor, Newham.
  • Chair: Susan Pashkoff.

There is debate on the left about the Tory crisis and what a Starmer Labour government would look like. The Tories have to be defeated at the ballot box and on the picket lines. A vote for Labour will be a vote for change. But Starmer is offering austerity-lite despite the cost-of-living crisis and climate chaos deepening. While supporting struggles and campaigns, we also have to bring together activists who want to build a socialist alternative to Labour. A new eco-socialist political culture needs to be patiently built. Join our meeting to discuss how we resist and build the alternative.

Organised by ACR