ACR weekend event 3‑4 December (ONLINE)


Timetable for Conference


Registration from 11.30 am

Session 1: 12-1.30 The workers fightback with Ian Allinson author of Workers Can Win: A Guide to Organising at Work) and Ali Treacher, Care and Support Workers Organise (CASWO) and Unite.

Session 2 2 2.30-4.00 How Xi Jinping got a job for life with Au Loo Yung author of China’s Rise: Strength and Fragility and Hong Kong in Revolt The Protest Movement and the Future of China.

Session 3 4.30-6.00 Why we can’t have nice things: the culture of contemporary Hollywood with Louis Bayman, co-author of Journeys on Screen: Theory, Ethics, Aesthetics.

Followed by a social event.


Registration 10.30 am

Session 1 11-12.30 Women and the international fight for bodily autonomy with Laya Hooshyari an Iranian activist and Beth Douglas, a trans woman campaigner who focuses on body autonomy in healthcare for cis women, trans people, and the wider LGBT+ community.

Session 2 1.30-3.00 Why Trussonomics failed with Özlem Onaran, Professor of Economics at the University of Greenwich, and Michael Roberts author of Marx 200 – a review of Marx’s economics 200 years after his birth.

Session 3 3.30-5.00 Why we need ecosocialism with Christine Poupin (NPA) and Rob Marsden (ACR)

If you would like to attend the IN-PERSON event please CLICK HERE.

*Childcare for both days is supported, and accommodation can also be provided, please contact for further details.

Organised by ACR