Creeping Doppelgängers

Judith Butler on gender, reaction and resistance    

Yoko Ono – Music of the Mind

Non Binaries and Anti‑Zionists. Eurovision Song Contest 2024

‘Restore Nature Now – or Else!

Heart Attacks, Ruminations & the Mental Health Crisis

Traumas & Futures

Psychology and cis‑realism

‘Liberating’ not ‘oppressive’ over Gaza

Restore Nature Now!

There’s still tomorrow—a feminist film exposing male violence

The American Society of Magical Negroes

Long Covid: The Silent Pandemic Crippling Britain’s Economy and Lives

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues, Part 4

“Civil War”: Alex Garland’s Unsettling Exploration of a Fractured America

Io capitano: a migrant’s journey

Rose Dugdale: from heiress to the IRA

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues, Part 3

This Town: a Midlands poetic epic

Intimate Comrades: Speaking and acting personally and politically

Trans* Visibility

Towers of Ivory and Steel

Everything is Fine

Disability Praxis: A Marxist Analysis of Oppression and Liberation

Zero fares: a way to act on climate and social justice

Copa 71 – Women’s football’s hidden history

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues, Part 2

Politics at the Oscars

Singing in Parliament against Rosebank

Capitalism’s New Age of Plagues, 1

Perfect days.. (no) shit happens?

Remarks on a tendentious review of my booklet, Israel’s War on Gaza

AI powered decision is not final in the socialist society

How Manchester was gifted to corporate landlords

This Ibsen Adaptation Forces Us to Confront Our Failing System

Breathtaking and the struggle for Covid safety

Empireworld: How British Imperialism Has Shaped the Globe

Artificial Intelligence: The Eye of the Master

Vaccine Apartheid – Eugenics Revisited

Frantz Fanon: Martinican, French, Algerian, African Revolutionary

Starmer’s miserable betrayal—a gift to the crisis‑ridden Tories and a disaster for the planet

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Dream Scenario: Getting Cagey about fantasies of alienation and escape

Two, three, many Lenins

Why Putin invaded: a socialist analysis

Poverty Porn vs. Black Authenticity: The Satirical Tightrope Dance of American Fiction

The Zone of Interest – chillingly brilliant

Philip Guston (1913‑1980) bearing witness to brutality and injustice

Divas – What are they good for?

A Queasy Feeling from Lanthomos’ Latest

Inheriting Occupation: Israelism’s Revelation

COP28: Trashing the UN is easy, but where is the alternative?

Gaza: A Film that Humanises a People

COP28 Dubai: The Other Side of the Story

Nicholas Winton: People smugglers?

The Palestine Laboratory – How Israel exports the technology of occupation around the world

Beware Lifestyle Fascism

Sea of Troubles Connects the Bloody Dots from Mediterranean to Gaza

Women in Revolt – art and activism in the UK 1970 to 1990

Poems for Gaza

Top 2023 Books: FIAT: All money is ours

My top five reads of 2023

Do you condemn Žižek?

Top 2023 TV: I’m a Virgo

The Ecological Crisis and its Consequences for Socialists

Stranger in My Own Land

Marina Abramovic – Diva of performance art

Dialectics of Christmas

Psychiatry Won’t Solve Our Mental Health Crisis — Only Politics Can Do That

Introduction to Antonio Negri’s Marx beyond Marx

A World in Common – Contemporary African Photography

Scientists and lies – The Covid Inquiry and Jenny Harries

COP – the only show in town or a dangerous diversion?

COP 28‑ what is at stake?

The Empire of Normality

Alexandria – the ideas store of the ancient world

AI: open or closed?

The Plot

AC Radio Episode 11 – The London Revolution, 1640‑43 with Michael Sturza

The press must determine if those in power continue to believe COVID “is just nature’s way of dealing with old people”

Oil, Greed, and Murder: Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon

Can Global Capitalism Endure? A review of William Robinson’s latest book.

The Internet Con: How To Seize The Means Of Computation

Climate Crisis Disruption: Too Much, Too Little

Degrowth ¬ facing up to harsh reality

Trans Ordinary

Red Clinic stands with Palestine

Reflections on the 9th Degrowth Conference: Key Discussions and Areas for Growth

Optimism of the intellect

Pablo –  the footloose revolutionary

Degrowth: a remarkable renaissance

!NOW!! Can you join the Climate Crisis ‘Dots’?!

The right to work or the right to be lazy?

New COVID 19 Variant Raises Concerns as UK Government Expands Booster Program

Vaccines – The new division between Haves and Have Nots

Trans*Mission August Roundup

Degrowthers Gain Support as Planet Cooks. Can They Ally With Green New Dealers?

After “Socialism”: The Republic of Lithuania

Ai Wei Wei – art against tyranny

Rubiales’ kiss creates political storm in Spain

Anarchists and Marxists

Paris Memories – Bataclan 2015

The Rossettis – a radical refugee family

Everyone’s Afraid of an Angry Woman: Honouring Sinéad O’Connor

An Ever‑Paler Shade of Green: Starmer’s New ‘Green Pledges’

Mad World

No For An Answer – a radical opera

Democracy is key to tackling environmental degradation

Urban Wanderings: Keiller’s Cinematic Psychogeography


Governments are reinforcing fossil fuels’ power. We need to build alliances against it

Ai Weiwei  – Making Sense

Black Mirror back to back

Nicaragua in the Stars at Noon


For Palestine: Remembering Tom Hurndall and many struggles

The Accidental Death of an Anarchist: Just go see it!

Paine was fantastical

Breaking Boundaries and Turning Up the Volume: Inside the Revolutionary Sound of KILL, THE ICON!

Finding Lola

How to blow up a pipeline: the film

1953: Militarism and Magical Symbolism

The New Cold War with Gilbert Achcar

Environmental and Social Justice Groups Rally for Ban on Waste Incineration in the UK

Hats off to XR Rebellion and ‘The Big One’ demo!

Naming the dead

The Big One – a photo essay

Abortion at the Centre of American Politics

JUST STOP OIL – Slow Marches

This Land Is Whose Land? Indian Country and the Shortcomings of Settler Protest

JOINT PRESS RELEASE by Éditions La Fabrique (Paris) and Verso Books (London)

Mussolini’s Children

George Monbiot ‘We need to create the biggest movement that has ever been…’ | Extinction Rebellion

The Unsettling Truth: Influencers and the Erosion of Authenticity

Drag Queens and Tory Liars

Chronicles of the Abyss: The Alien Saga and America’s Shadows

Some reflections on Livio Maitan on the occasion of the centenary

Dijiu tianchang (So Long my Son): A Poignant Portrayal of Human Resilience and Political Change in China

Defying Expectations: A Gripping Exploration of Policing and Gender in a Murder Case

What can the Luddites tell us about AI and Capitalism?

Embracing the 15‑Minute City: A Sustainable and People‑Centric Urban Vision

‘Adult Human Female’ and the contradictions of left wing transphobia

Rise, Roar, Revolt on film

The Wrong Sort of Jew: A Play Exposing Labour’s Antisemitic Purge


Ransacking Iraq

Women Talking and Acting

Lenin reading Hegel

Everything Everywhere for Everyone

Women’s abstract art ‘re‑discovered’

Blood Sport: The BBC vs the Tories

Sylvia – feminism through song and dance (or Sylvia hip hops)

The Secret Messaging Dilemma: The Ethics of UK Government Officials Using WhatsApp”

Alice Neel, painter and anarcho humanist, 1900‑1984

The Bombing of the Rainbow Warrior: A Legacy of State‑Sponsored Terrorism

Dangerous Liaisons: The marriages and divorces of Marxism and Feminism

A Fair Trial?

Voices of the Ukrainian Resistance

A People’s History of Catalonia by Michael Eaude (Pluto Press, 2022)

An evening with Pavel Otdelnov

 FINITE: The Climate of Change

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Dystopian movies chart the rise of Apocalypse capitalism – part 1

Being Trans, 2023

What’s Happening in India!

Fly in League with the Night

Saint Omer…a woman has killed her baby

Queer Tolstoy and anti‑authoritarian struggle today

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

A useful contribution – but with loose ends

Jack’s Manchester story

The Vaccine Strategy without Vaccines

Till – film which resonates down the years


Pussy Riot – new short film

ChatGPT is asked about anti‑capitalism

All Quiet On The Western Front

Queering Everybody I

Making sense of the Ukraine war

Stalinist Realism and Open Communism: Malignant Mirror or Free Association (a review)

Lydia Tár

Ursula K. Le Guin on Suffering and Getting to the Other Side of Pain

Understanding the codified cinematography of mainstream porn

Algerian Film Was Born in the Struggle Against French Colonialism

Transport: how Silicon Valley turns technologies against us all

The Forgotten Women of Surrealism: A Magical, Short Animated Film

‘Farha’ and the Claustrophobic State of Palestinian Cinema

Mandel Centenary video project

Zero‑COVID, reopening, and the proliferation of state capitalisms

Understanding Mark Fisher

Svitlana Romanko speaks with Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign

The Fate of Abraham

What China is reading

Capitalism’s Court Jester: Slavoj Žižek

Pele leaves us but his magic will never die

Netflix’s “Farha” is a mild depiction of the Nakba

Books of the year

From Scrooge to Royal Mail’s Simon Thompson. What happened next?

Five favourite books read in 2022

Swimming for refuge

Well, there it is!

The New York Times Uncritically Repeats Discredited Antidepressant Claims

Streaming Horror

Appeal to Labour Party members: help turn back this tide of greenwash

Can global capitalism endure?

“The Territory” (a review)

Ukraine: Voices of Resistance and Solidarity (a review)

Canary in the Coal Mine: Twitter and the End of Social Media

The American Surveillance State

Digital work and exploitation

The Crypto‑Populist Pyramid Scam

Andor – Resistance and Rebellion (a review)

Chips: the new arms race

Women Making Modernism

Triangle of Sadness (a review)

The World Cup has exposed the bankruptcy of the Abraham Accords

Tories approve Cumbria coal mine‑ time to act now!

Barbara Kingsolver – Making the invisible, visible

The Autism Industrial Complex

The Banshees of Inisherin

COP27 was a spectacular failure – boycotting future COP conferences, however, would only compound the problem

Socialist Seychelles? More than a postcard

Booker Books 2022

Red List

Crosscurrents and the Force of Nature – Winslow Homer

After the first week in Sharm El‑Sheikh – COP27 is at the brink

The English – a Western that tells the truth

Qatar World Cup, not just about the football

Economics Eugenics and Covid – How it played out in Plague Island

Essential reading for the radical left!

Postcard from Mauritius

Vin au Bord de la Mer (Wine by the Sea)

COP27‑ Still Fiddling While the World Burns

A Very British Conspiracy

Free Albania (not)

The Political Importance of Mike Davis


Postcard from La Réunion

Secrets of a holiday island

Postcard from Gauteng

Psychiatry and communism, and Stalinist false friends

One hundred years of the Beeb

For an Ecosocialist Degrowth

Achieving climate justice is about solidarity across borders. Not charity


Voices From Ukraine

Starmer’s “Green Growth Superpower”

Feminine Power

Edenfield: Mental Health in Crisis

UKRAINE: Voices of resistance and solidarity

Workers can win – a handbook for all trade union activists

‘Polluters must pay’: UN chief calls for a windfall tax on fossil fuel companies

How to Feed the World Without Destroying the Planet

Picture of the Week: Anti‑Trans Desecration

The grim spectacle of London Fashion Week

Whatever Happened to Antisemitism?

A Caribbean Carnival of protest

The Queue

An Exchange of Letters

Return of the Dinosaurs

“Total, BP or Shell will not voluntarily give up their profits. We have to become stronger than them…”

The Quiet Girl (An Cailín Ciúin)

Towards Neurodivergent Marxism

Reactionary Grief

Climate policy and local government

Singing to the Melody of Capital: The Penchant for the Sensational and Voyeuristic

Wales youth march against nukes

Queer Poetry

Covid‑19 Pandemic is not over, It is still destroying lives

Covid Action launch this Wednesday 31/08 in London!

The Ecological Scars of War

Revolting Gays

Denounce the brutal El‑Sisi regime – but don’t boycott COP27

The War on Woke

Communization future histories: Everything for Everyone

Why so Political?

My girlfriend is on Chinese television

Women’s Football Euros – a step forward for women in sport

Pay the Rate

Speaking Fiction to Power

Hard Work, Balance, Loyalty

Transphobia is not a Humanism: A Response from News & Letters

Russia: nature reserve staff hit with savage jail terms

Bands playing, banners flying – Durham Miner’s Gala 2022

What is the UK’s mental health crisis trying to tell us?

‘It were them the cause not you’

Alienation, Spectacle, and Revolution: A Critical Marxist Essay – a review

Dystopian Science Fiction: Bodies of Ideology  

Redeeming Marcuse

Lower Thames Crossing? No. Stop this road‑building madness


Greenwashed Silvertown tunnel pollutes, trashes the climate, and steamrollers democracy

Inside The Military‑Entertainment Complex

The History Fix

To Understand Elon Musk, You Have to Understand This ’60s Sci‑Fi Novel

This Is England 2022


Psychoanalysis practised as a form of resistance under occupation

Don’t extradite Julian Assange

Jake Daniels professional footballer and gay

For a People’s History of Psychoanalysis’

When Netflix Started Making Television, Television Got Worse

Migration, homesickness and the Arab Street

Two enemies, one fight: climate disaster and frightful energy bills

Big Pharma’s Pandemic Profiteering Isn’t Over

Cultural destruction – why it matters

Psychologising Picard

Will Musk Make Twitter More Free?

Capitalism and the Biomedical Model of Mental Health

The IPCC WG3 Report: It’s ‘now or never’ for the planet

Russia and U.S. Uranium

Inside Putin’s Russia

Extinction Rebellion Trade Unionists‑ a timely initiative

Audiences as performers – Lubaina Himid

How Russia’s Ukraine War and the West’s Response to it Accelerate Environmental Havoc

No perfect Lenin: Review of ‘Revolutionary Collective’

Anti‑Psychiatry now

IPCC WG3 report: from scientific rigour to social fable

Back On The Streets‑ The return of XR

Malaria Moloch and Covid or How I learned to love the virus 

Class against class

Reflect Upon your Woke Sky


Ecosocialist Alliance Statement – Ukraine/Climate Emergency

How to blow up the capitalist realism of fossil capital

How can the climate movement and the anti‑war movement come together?

She Who Must Not Be Named

NHS under the knife

Covid – In Memoriam

Engaging Federici on Marx, Capitalism, and Social Reproduction

bell hooks — Fiery Black Feminist

Images of Resistance

Beyond the TERF Wars

Stone Men: The Palestinians who built Israel

Defend Ukraine, defend the planet

Impacts of warming: faster and more severe than expected, says IPCC

Falling Down

COVID: Johnson pretends the pandemic is over

Losing your home, losing yourself

Questioning the Whiteness of Western Art

‘Find Out What They’re Afraid Of And Sell It Back To Them’*

Why the Left Should Oppose the Beijing Winter Olympics

Zero Covid the campaign goes on

Ecosocialist organising

Uneven and combined ecological‑economic development

Capitalism’s Mind Games and Worse

What will happen after Omicron?

The three engines of history

Desire International – Russian LGBTQ Art at Pushkin House

The Ottomans, 500 years of change


A city in fear


My favourite films during Covid in 2021

Anne – Justice for the Hillsborough 97?

Whitechapel Noise: politics, sex, and religion in London’s East End 1884‑1914

From countervailing power to dual power

The Lost Daughter – the wounds of Motherhood

Novak Djokovic is no Spartacus

Converting and dismantling industries through social appropriation

Revolutionary ecosocialist strategies on heated Earth in condensed time

Rescued from history, Rome’s dissident communist partisans



Beyond Glasgow – what happened at COP26 and where we go next

English cricket: origins of the present crisis, a matter of race & class?

An Anthropology of Marxism: Review

Don’t Look Up: The planet is already burning

After Glasgow COP26: build the global movement

West Side Story again

Technology and the future

Afghan lessons

The Meaning of Christmas: a Marxist analysis

Book review 2021: Five old crackers

House of Gucci saved by Lady Gaga?

Is Formula 1 even a sport?

Anthropocene Capitalism: “green” into barbarism

No.10 parties as ‘bodies pile high’

“We harbor no fear and we will defend ourselves!”, protesters state in unison

COP 26 was a failure… the future is in our hands now

How Richard Williams made two of the greatest tennis champions

Response to Neil Faulkner

In praise of Manchester Art Gallery – helping people look at art differently

The Zero Covid approach

Essential knowledge for activists

We are running out of time

Shakespeare, Trotsky, and the Nature of Art

Song of the week: Contessa – a revolutionary song from the1960s

The COP 26 Cops Out

Don’t denounce electric vehicles!

The earth is burning, the earth system is crumbling

Eco‑socialist strategies in the Anthropocene

Poem of the Month

Psychoanalysis with the oppressed

COP26 a day of demonstrations

The Midwife’s Song

Transphobia, Yet Again

Yorkshire Cricket – God’s own white county

The Glasgow COP: Zero carbon by 2050 is far too late!

Getting Used to Climate Catastrophe

COP26: Enough blah blah, only struggle pays off

The Monsters of Capitalism

Human rights ‘sportswashed’ as Saudis take over Newcastle United

The Global Climate Wall

Little Amal Meets Alice

Capitalism without a Human Face

Anish Kapoor: Painting

COVID pandemic emergency

Windrush artwork in Hackney is a worthy legacy

Drop the patents – vaccinate the world

Latin America: Heading to the UN Climate Change Conference: Climate Change and Extractivism

The Sepia‑Tinged New

Exponential growth on a finite planet

Bond – is it still the same story?

The History of Palestine told in Embroidery

Why don’t we do it in the road?

Optimism of the will‑ a few reflections on the Impossible Rebellion

Raducanu’s rise

Climate – Rage, Despair and Hope

Festivals are back!

Sport and capitalism today

Animal Rebellion‑ fighting for the animals, people and the planet

Towards an Ecosocialist Rebellion?

The future: flash floods and climate gentrification

Part 2: Why mobilising around COP26 is critical

Part 1: Mapping the resistance on a burning planet

Municipal climate campaigns and the unions

Reform or Revolution, or the Process?

On the brink – the scenario that the IPCC is not modelling

Cinema is Back

Digby, Lord Jones: the man who took on linguistics and lost

The Earth is Burning

Jeff Bezos says everything will be ok

A Haunted Refuge

Have you seen the Olympics?

No More Privatisation

Covid’s coming home

Some Musings on the 4th of July as an Homage to my Mother

Picture of the week: Forgotten Woman Painter

Neoliberal Necropolitics

A Pandemic of Privatisation

Can the Ministry point to a better future?

Turbulent priest and a great exhibition

Stop the Third Wave

Prising Open the Prison System

Picture of the Week: Reflections on Monet’s Water Lilies

Socialisms and psychoanalysis

Why did Seid Visin, take his own life?

Does Anne Boleyn matter?