Covid in Taiwan: How a zero Covid country managed the pandemic


Zero Covid will be hosting Shu-Ti Chiou MD, PhD, MSc to find out about how Taiwan has responded to the pandemic.

Shu-Ti is the founder and President of the Health & Sustainable Development Foundation, and Global Vice President for Capacity Building at the International Union for Health Promotion & Education. Shu-Ti is a prominent public health practitioner, who played a leading role in Taiwan’s response to SARS. She is now closely involved in Taiwan’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Taiwan has had very low case rates and very few deaths throughout the pandemic. Learning from SARS, Taiwan decided to prevent community spread of Covid-19 through travel controls, masking, tracing and isolation. In May 2021 there was a big spike in cases, which was successfully stopped. Taiwan is now facing an emerging Omicron outbreak.

Join the campaign call to find out more about how Taiwan’s zero Covid strategy has worked, what political issues it has raised and what we can learn from them here!

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