Critical University – ‘There is no socialism on a dead planet’

11.00am – 3.45pm

Critical University presents

‘There is no socialism on a dead planet’

With Jonathan Neale (author of Fight the Fire), Maggie Chapman MSP, Tárzia Medeiros (PSOL, Brazil), and Jon Duveen (A*CR).

Workshops on transport, food and farming, incineration and growth.

The earth is on fire, oceans are poisoned, and forests are being cut down in the interests of a political system built on inequality and injustice. Working people and the poor, including women and Black and indigenous communities suffer most from the fall out of global heating and other environmental crimes. And those same forces and more are mobilising in resistance to all this to demand something different.

In the run up to COP 26 in Glasgow, the revolutionary left needs to be mobilising for the biggest possible protests to demand 1.5 to stay alive and climate justice and denounce false solutions such as net zero and techno fixes. But we also need to develop and share ideas about what a ecosocialist future would look like – and crucially how best to get from here to there.

Further reading

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And below a humorous explaination of Carbon Capture and Storage – though the gender politics leave something to be desired



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