Disability Praxis: The Body as a Site of Struggle


Book launch with author Bob Williams-Findlay
In person and online

Venue: OneKX, 120 Cromer Street London WC1H 8BS

The rise of the extreme right globally, the crisis of capitalism and the withdrawal of all but the most punitive arms of the state are having a disastrous impact on disabled people’s lives.

Bob Williams-Findlay offers an account of the transformative potential of disability praxis and how it relates to disabled politics and activism. He addresses different sites of struggle, showing how disabled people have advanced radical theory into the implementation of policies.

Examining the growth of the global Disabled People’s Movement during the 1960s, Williams-Findlay shows how a new social discourse emerged that shifted the focus away from seeing disability as restrictions on an individual’s body, towards understanding the impact of restrictions created by capitalist relations. He shines light on the contested definitions of disability, asking us to reconsider how different socio-political contexts produce varied understandings of social oppression and how we can play a role in transforming definitions and societies’.

The book, Disablity Praxis, is available at Pluto Press here >>>
More than a Left Foot by Bob Williams Findlay, published by Resistance Books, is available here >>>

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