France After the Elections

7.30pm – 9.00pm

The discussion will be introduced by Penny Duggan of the New AntiCapitalist Party

The outcome of the”third round” of the presidential elections on 19 June has suddenly become very exciting. The New Popular, Ecological and Social Union (NUPES), the electoral coalition led by Jean Luc Mélenchon, could be the largest opposition group in Parliament. Mélanchon narrowly missed being in the second round of the presidential elections. Now, NUPES is neck and neck in the polls with Macron’s coalition. The election of NUPES deputies who break with neoliberalism offers hope and gives those on the left confidence to renew the fight for social, economic and climate justice.

Background Readings

Support for the NUPES radical candidates, independent candidacies  The NPA’s position on the legislative elections (30 May)

Raphaël Arnault, the antifa who wants to be an MP (26 May)

“The priority is to win against Macron’s candidate, but also against the PS candidate, who broke the agreement here“ (6 June)

Organised by ACR