From Ukraine to Palestine, occupation is a crime

12.00am – 7.00pm

Ukrainian actvists signed a recencvt statement declaring: “We strongly object to equating of Western military aid to Ukraine and Israel by some politicians. Ukraine doesn’t occupy the territories of other people; instead, it fights against the Russian occupation, and therefore international assistance serves a just cause and the protection of international law. Israel has occupied and annexed Palestinian and Syrian territories, and Western aid to it confirms an unjust order and demonstrates double standards in relation to international law.”

The need to call out these double standards is obvious, but the next steps might not be. We need to move to positive solidarity without borders; to forging political and practical links between diverse struggles; and to challenging the narratives that undermine this unity.

Please join us at our meeting on Tuesday 11th June to discuss the next steps.

Organised by the Ukraine Information Group.

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Organised by Ukraine Information Group