Open the Borders: Let Ukrainian Refugees in Now


More than 1 million people have now left Ukraine seeking safety from Russia’s brutal invasion. Solidarity is urgently needed! The UK must open the borders to all who flee Russia’s war in Ukraine seeking safety – not just family members of British citizens.
Waive visas, not flags!

The UK Government drapes itself in the colours of the Ukrainian flag but falls miserably short off the mark in its practical support.

All who flee war deserve safety. It is not right that while poorer European countries receive Ukrainian families with no strings attached, the UK is dragging its feet and imposes conditions on those who are left with nothing,

There are at least 84.5 million people globally who have been forced to flee their homes. Continued conflicts, too often supported by our government, are causing unimaginable suffering across the world.

– We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and demand an end to Russia’s war.
– We call on the UK Government to urgently respond to this humanitarian crisis, waive visa requirements for all Ukrainians seeking safety and ensure safe channels of travel are in place.
– We demand the same compassionate approach to all victims of war, regardless of their nationality.

Organised by:
Ukraine Solidarity Campaign and Anti*Capitalist Resistance

Supported by:
Another Europe is Possible
Labour Campaign for Free Movement,
Global Justice Now
John McDonnell MP
John Moloney, Assistant General Secretary PCS
Paul Mason, journalist

Organised by Ukraine Solidarity Campaign and A*CR