5.00pm – 6.30pm

Russia Today, Millbank Tower.

The Russian army has massed on the Ukrainian border and is threatening to attack if the Kremlin’s demands are not met.

The right of the Ukrainian people to decide the shape of their own country is being denied by an imperialist superpower, Putin has questioned the very legitimacy of Ukraine to even exist as a nation.

Ukrainian socialists and trade unionists have called for condemnation of the Russian government and solidarity with people who have already suffered from nearly eight years of war and may now suffer from a new one.

We are protesting at the Russia Today studio, whose director of broadcasting Anton Krasovsky on air described Ukrainians as ‘animals’, and declared “we’ll send troops into Ukraine, it’s our land.”

The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign has called this picket to say Don’t Attack Ukraine, we call for Peace Through Self Determination for the Ukrainian People.

Ukraine Solidarity Campaign stands for Neither Moscow nor Washington and says Don’t Trust NATO.

We call for Russian Troops out of Ukraine and No to War.

Organised by Ukraine Solidarity Campaign