Russia in Africa and the war in Ukraine


Monday 4 September, 20:00 (London)

Meeting organised by Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

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Ndindi Kitonga, is a Kenyan American radical educator and longtime organiser and activist. She is a published scholar in the areas of critical pedagogy and democratic education.
Eiman Seifeldin was founder of the Sudanese Environmentalists Association, a campaigner for the rights of woman, refugees and IDPs. She is a lecturer on issues of sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa.
Namaa Al-Mahdi is a London based activist, Trade Unionist, and Human Rights Campaigner for the Sudan, she is one of the founding members of RASD Sudan and is published in Arabic and English media.
Anastasiya Ryabchuk Sociologist, researcher of labour, poverty, and labour movements in Ukraine and South Africa. Co-founder of the ‘Commons’ journal and the publishing project ‘Medusa’.

Organised by Ukraine Solidarity Campaign