Members Speak

Very important article by Aliya Yule from ‘Migrants Organise’ and merits careful reading. Aliya works at Migrant Organise, focusing on migrant access to health as part of the Patients not Passports campaign and as a key organiser for the upcoming weekend of action.

This article was originally posted on Open Democracy and can be found here.

A few quotes:

“Make no mistake, Britain is well on its way to fascism.
“This lurch to the right, towards escalated attacks and rhetoric, will not end on its own. Neither can it be stopped by fragmented campaigns or initiatives. Instead, as organisations and as communities, we have to work together to build a movement that can challenge and reverse this dangerous trajectory.”

“The first, tentative steps of this movement-building initiative will take place over the next few days, as part of a weekend of action against the brutality of the British immigration system. Despite the complications created by Covid-19, organisers have prepared public actions – some in person and some online – that are the first mobilisation directed at creating this wider movement. All are invited to join.”

“From Liverpool to Coventry, Folkestone to Sheffield, London to Hastings, migrant-led groups, together with community associations, anti-racist oganisations, renters’ unions, climate groups, healthcare workers, and many more, are joining together to stand up to the increasingly authoritarian forces that seek to divide us, to demand justice for Jimmy Mubenga and all those whose lives have been destroyed, and to ensure that it never happens again.”

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