“Statement on Suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from Labour Party

30 October 2020

Anticapitalist Resistance stands in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn and is totally opposed to his suspension from the Labour Party.

This is a politically motivated move by Keir Starmer to crush the left in the party. Jeremy Corbyn has spent his life campaigning against racism, including antisemitism, and in defence of the rights of the oppressed and for justice for the Palestinians. 

We reject the accusations that the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership was institutionally antisemitic. The EHRC report does not find this to be the case.

Anticapitalist Resistance believes that all socialists, both in the Labour Party, the wider labour movement and in radical campaigns and movements, should fight this outrageous attack on Jeremy Corbyn. It is an attack on all of us. Starmer wants to make the Labour Party a safe option again for big business. We should vigorously oppose this witch-hunt and the threats being made to other left MPs and activists.  We must also defend the radical policy gains made while Corbyn was leader. With the Covid pandemic, a deepening economic crisis, and a looming climate catastrophe, a socialist alternative – for the many not the few – is urgently needed. 

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