Anti*Capitalist Resistance at the National Demonstration For Palestine

Anti*Capitalist Resistance members report from the National Demonstration for Palestine. A live blog!


A live blog as members and supporters of Anti*Capitalist Resistance take to the streets up and down the country in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

National Demonstration for Palestine in London 2021.
Simon Hannah photographs the march in London.
National Demonstration for Palestine in Manchester 2021.
Just given one of these to Maxine Peake says Ian Parker.

London one is looking relatively big!

Simon hannah
London Today

Whitehall rammed by Palestine solidarity demo. Easily as big as last week’s. A massive display of anti-racist internationalism.

neil faulkner
National Demonstration for Palestine in London 2021.
Simon Hannah in the centre of London.
Free Palestine!
National Demonstration for Palestine in London 2021.
A powerful image of solidarity.
London stands firm against the oppression of the Palestinian people.
National Demonstration for Palestine in London 2021.

Big Colombian contingent

Simon hannah
National Demonstration for Palestine in Cardiff 2021.
Photo by Federica Dadone in Cardiff.

London demo passes Piccadilly Circus.

neil faulkner
5000-6000 in Manchester.
Back in London

Andrew Murray for Unite the union calls for justice for Palestinians, the Tory government to stop arms sales and for the Labour Party to wake up!

fred leplat

John McDonnell says no justice no peace, Netayu should be in prison not just for corruption but for war crimes, and there should be BDS on Israel..

fred leplat
Jewish socialists marching in solidarity with Palestine on London march.

Very young, lots of women, very multi ethnic, lots of international solidarity with people waving different flags. Lots of energy.

simon hannah on the london demonstration

Very young tens of thousands many Muslim. Militant. Chanted all the way from the river to the sea Palestine will be free. And in our millions we are all Palestinians

fred leplat on the london demonstration

A small breakaway heads down Oxford road

ian parker on the manchester demonstration

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