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‘A mass assassination factory’: Inside Israel’s calculated bombing of Gaza

Israel’s War on Gaza

ISRAEL’S WAR ON GAZA by Gilbert Achcar Israel has seized the opportunity of Hamas’s operation on 7 October 2023 to devastate Gaza, reducing it to rubble, massacring a huge number of its inhabitants and forcing the rest to flee. Another Nakba is underway, 75 years after the creation of Israel. This booklet includes articles by Gilbert […]

Defining Ecosocialism

Open Letter to Hackney Councillors

COP – the only show in town or a dangerous diversion?

‘Legal’ Immigration? How Labour Shadows the Tory Party

Making Sense of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Making Sense of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine by Paul Le Blanc In this small book, Paul Le Blanc tries to ‘make sense of the Russian invasion of Ukraine’. His starting point is for a victory for Ukrainian self-determination and opposition to imperialism in all its forms. Paul Le Blanc tackles the following themes: What Mistaken Friends Say […]

The Russian Invasion and the Ukrainian Left

The Russian Invasion and the Ukrainian Left The Struggle for a Social Ukraine Commons Journal 13/2023: Edited by Stas Serhiienko, Published by Resistance Books. The Commons journal of social criticism is a left-wing Ukrainian media about economy, politics, history and culture, founded in 2009. ContentsArticles on: To the Western left, Between Survival and Resistance, and For a Just […]

ACR Statement on Palestine

Reactionary Branding

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Ukraine could abandon key labour principle as part of EU drive

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