Union aid: support Ukraine mineworkers’ resistance

Ukraine Solidarity Campaign which A*CR supports, is circulating this appeal.


“Workers in Ukraine are fighting to defend their communities with few resources. The labour movement stands with them! Please donate to help Ukraine’s miners’ union PRUP buy medical equipment, sleeping bags and other essential supplies. Solidarity!  Go to https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/supportukraineminers#start to donate

Ukraine’s miners trade unions – the Independent Trade Union of Ukrainian Miners (NGPU) and the Trade Union of Coal Industry Workers of Ukraine (PRUP) – have made urgent appeals for aid to assist their members who have volunteered to serve on the frontline resisting the Russian invasion: defending their workplaces, homes, families and communities.

These communities, mainly in the east and south of Ukraine, are facing constant Russian attacks, resulting in the death and injury of thousands.

The miner trade unions are raising money for thermal imagers, sleeping bags, first aid kits, medicines, and two 4×4 pickup vehicles.

The UK National Union of Mineworkers, GMB and ASLEF have donated over £20,000 to the appeal, and have appealed for other unions and individuals to donate too. Please help us boost the total from the UK labour movement, left and supporters of Ukraine!

Please donate individually and also consider raising in your union or other organisation.

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