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The Tory’s Nativist Natalism

Peering into the strange worldview of the contemporary Tory Party and its even more extreme fascist discontents, Rowan Fortune attempts to place the British right into a coherent context and make sense of its many nightmares.

From impasse to the road to reaction: an urgent assessment of the political scenario

The defeat of the left-wing bloc in the municipal and regional elections on 28 May has unleashed a political earthquake. The ruling Partido Socialista Obrero Español – PSOE or Spanish Socialist Workers Party – lost six of the eight autonomous communities in which it governed. Now, the Valencian Community, Aragon, Extremadura, the Balearic Islands, La Rioja and the Canary Islands will be governed by the right. By Brais Fernández.

Trans*Mission Weekly Roundup

In this week's roundup, Trans*Mission looks at different types of anti-trans violence and the abiding humanity of trans people that persists in defiance of the onslaught.

Northern Ireland Rejects the British Union – Geoff Bell, Labour for Irish Unity

Geoff Bell, argues that the results of the recent Northern Ireland Assembly election show that the majority of people in Northern Ireland do not want to be part of the United Kingdom.

Chronicle of A Riot Foretold

After the deaths of two young men in a road traffic incident, a riot broke out in Ely, Cardiff, highlighting the deep-seated problems in the community. This article, by Geoff Ryan, goes on to detail the poverty, unemployment, and lack of opportunity that have plagued Ely for decades. It also discusses the role of the police in the community, and the mistrust that many residents feel towards them. Geoff concludes by warning that without significant investment in Ely, future riots are not out of the question.


We seek revolutionary transformation to meet the compound crisis of ecological disaster, economic collapse, social decay, grotesque inequality, mass impoverishment, growing militarisation, and creeping authoritarianism.


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Taiwan, militarism and the reactionary campaign against China

Phil Hearse argues for self-determination for Taiwan, but says that the Left must oppose the American military build up in the Indo-Pacific region and preparations for a disastrous war against China.

Breaking Boundaries and Turning Up the Volume: Inside the Revolutionary Sound of KILL, THE ICON!

Support the Indigenous movement in Ecuador

Hope shipwrecked: the opposition doesn’t triumph, the regime doesn’t collapse in Turkey

Over 6,000 March For Independence In Swansea

Iran: Red Roots of Resistance in Manchester

What kind of trade unions do we need?




Street Parody


Organised by China Deviants



Another Ukraine Is Possible

11.30am – 5.30pm

Organised by Ukraine Solidarity Campaign


Support Russian anti‑war activists/Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

Dodo Modern Poets


Reading Mandel

Ian Parker reviews a new book about the work of Ernest Mandel.

Some Thoughts on Solidarity, Morality, Guilt and Atonement…

What is Naturalisation

What is capitalism?

Ernest Mandel Was One of the 20th Century’s Greatest Marxist Thinkers

The Violent Crackup of the Post‑WWII International Order: Notes on the Geopolitical Crisis and Global Capital

Peter Hitchens is wrong, the Nazis were not left wing


Uprising: the October Rebellion in Ecuador

UPRISING is a detailed description and analysis of the Indigenous-led uprising of October 2019 in Ecuador, written by three people deeply involved in the revolt. The lead author, Leonidas Iza, came to national prominence as one of the central leaders of the rebellion.

Capitalist China and socialist revolution

Capitalist China and socialist revolution ISBN: 978-0-902869-21-9 (print)ISBN: 978-0-902869-20-2 (e-book) RRP: £5, €6, $7 (print) 78 pages; 108x178mm. Publication date: April 2023 PUBLISHED BY Resistance Books,; ABOUT THE AUTHORSimon Hannah is a local government worker and a socialist and trade union activist. He is the author of A Party with Socialists in it: […]

Ecosocialism Not Extinction

Ecosocialism Not Extinction by Allan Todd ISBN: 978-0-902869-33-2 (print)ISBN: 978-0-902869-32-5 (e-book) RRP: £5, €6, $7 (print)Publication date: November 2022 88 pages; 178x102mm ABOUT THE BOOK The planet is facing an existential crisis. Modern humans, in particular under capitalism, have been doing irreversible damage to the ecosystems. An exit strategy from fossil energy and intensive animal […]

UKRAINE: Voices of resistance and solidarity

A collection of recent writings by Ukrainians and socialists around the world. This is an extremely important book published at this tragic moment when our country has been invaded. It builds a bridge of solidarity between the people of Ukraine and the working class around the world. The contributions make it easier to imagine a […]