#ReclaimTheseStreets and ZeroCovid day of action.

12 March 2021

Update: Yesterday’s legal challenge by the organisers of ReclaimTheseStreets against the Metropolitan Police was inconclusive so under the threat of £10k fines the organisers have cancelled events. Some events may still go ahead with Sisters Uncut pushing ahead with a Clapham vigil.

A*C.R supporters should give full support to Sisters Uncut and we are urging all who can to join the Clapham vigil. We must stand in solidarity with women fighting not only violence and misogyny but now also police attacks on democratic rights.

When a law is fundamentally wrong we must challenge the state through mobilisation.

On Saturday 13 March 2021 activists and members of the public across the country will hold ReclaimTheseStreets vigils and in a separate protest there will be a ZeroCovid day of action, please support both if you can. Details for both events can be found below.

Following the murder of Sarah Everard, women in many parts of the country are organising #ReclaimTheseStreets vigils on Saturday evening.

The full list of events can be found here:

These are all the #ReclaimTheseStreets events happening this weekend.

The police are threatening to shut down these protests – part of a wider attack on civil liberties and democratic rights. A*C.R activists who can are encouraged to join local vigils to show solidarity with women organising against escalating violence, abuse, and misogyny.

This could be the beginning of a new women’s movement in Britain, in the wake of mass struggles in Argentina, Poland, Mexico, and elsewhere. In Argentina, women have won a major victory on abortion rights, and a powerful movement has emerged around this issue in Poland. In Mexico this week there has been a militant protest against government indifference to femicide, with murders of women running at a thousand a year.

All vigils will be masked, socially distanced, outdoors, and therefore safe. The police are using the pandemic as an excuse to attack the right to protest. The only effective way to defend democratic rights in these circumstances is to stand in solidarity with all progressive protests.

Zero Covid Day of Action

A*C.R activists are also reminded of the Zero Covid day of action tomorrow.

If you are at risk and shielding or otherwise unable to join public protests, you can display a poster, join the online rally, and use social media to spread the Zero Covid message.

If you are able, you may wish to join local public protests. Info here.

If you are in London and able to get to Westminster, some A*C.R activists will be organising flash-mob photo stunts with banners and placards, meeting the south-east corner of Westminster Bridge, near the old GLC building, at 2.30 pm. Bring placards and masks.

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