Anti*Capitalist Resistance Reading Group (Results are in)

Last night was the inaugural meeting of the Anti*Capitalist Resistance reading group. We will be hosting an online reading group event every month, bimonthly it will be the Left Book Club contemporary title which can be found here and on the other months we will choose the title to be covered (this will be done by member vote from a selection of titles)

You will find the Left Book Club to be excellent value, with the contemporary titles covering the very best of recently published works on politics, economics, society & culture (yellow books). The classic (black) titles we may cover in future reading group sessions, the Left Book Club does offer a monthly subscription which covers both titles, and I can recommend subscribing for both books.

I hope you will be able to join us, for what will be a stimulating evening of conversation, and don’t worry if you have never attended a reading group before, you will find the environment most welcoming.

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