CULTURE ASSEMBLY – No Europe without Culture

19 November 2020

21 November 17:00 – 20:00 online (register below)

*** interpretation in FR, EN, ES, GR, IT

You can find the call here:

– Intermittent artists and cultural workers are full-fledged workers: quickly a status that gives them the same rights as other workers!

– What culture to give Europe its progressive identity?

– Faced with the migration policy crisis and the growing influence of the far right, why is culture essential?

Enke Fezollari (theatre director and actor, Albania)
Jose Miguel Beltran (Director of the San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival, Basque Country)
Margarita Syngeniotou (lyric artist and opera singer, Greece)
Omiros Poulakis (actor and member of Syriza, Greece)
Serge Regourd (emeritus professor at Université de Toulouse 1)

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