ACRadio Episode 3: Neil Faulkner/Brazil

An analysis of the world situation in 2022 recorded late last year with Neil Faulkner and an interview with a Brazilian socialist activist.


This episode has one of the last speeches that Neil Faulkner gave before he sadly passed away earlier this year from pancreatic cancer. Neil gives his analysis of the world situation and the contradictions developing within global politics in light of creeping fascism and global warming. We also have an exclusive interview with Julia Camaras, a Brazilian socialist activist, about the situation after Lula became president, the threat from the far right, and the dangers of some of the PT’s class collaborationist politics. 

Previous Episodes can be located here.

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Neil Faulkner is the author of Alienation, Spectacle, and Revolution: a critical Marxist essay (out now on Resistance Books). He is the joint author of Creeping Fascism: what it is and how to fight it and System Crash: an activist guide to making revolution. Neil sadly passed away in 2022.

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