Free CAROL NG – Activist Detained in Hong Kong

Dolores Lee started this petition to Government of the United Kingdom and 6 others.


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My name is Dolores Lee and I’m starting this petition for my friend and colleague Carol Ng. I’ve known Carol for many years, working together as Cabin Crew for British Airways and also as Trade Union Reps. Like me, Carol is also a mother.

On 6th January 2021, Carol Ng, former British Airways Cabin Crew, was detained in a dawn raid at her home by officers from the National Security Department who have accused Carol of subverting the power of the state.

Along with 52 other activists and trade unionists, Carol is being held at the Lo Wu Correctional Institution where she faces a possible life sentence. At her hearing on 12th March 2021, Carol was refused bail which means she could be held for up to a year before her trial commences.

Carol has been a lifelong supporter of BASSA (British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association) and was instrumental in mounting a high profile campaign against the closure of the British Airways Hong Kong Base in 2018, when she secured a better pay off for the affected workers.

We are calling on the organisations mentioned and you, her friends, colleagues and the public to support our campaign to bring Carol home safely to Britain, to her children and family by applying pressure on the Hong Kong Government to release her from detention.

Thank you

In solidarity

Dolores Lee, Unite The Union Member

Sandra Gomes, Unite The Union Member

Dallas Mcintosh, Unite The Union Member

Paul Whalley, Unite The Union Member

Sean Beatty, Chair of BASSA/Chair of ITF Cabin Crew



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