GKN Workers Initiate Hunger Strike for Worker‑Led Transition in Europe’s Pivotal Struggle

GKN workers in Florence have launched a hunger strike, demanding a worker-led transition in what is considered Europe's most crucial labour struggle.


On May 18th, the GKN factory in Florence witnessed a remarkable demonstration led by its workers, attracting a crowd of 10,000 people. The rally called for public intervention from the Tuscany regional government to transfer the factory’s control to the workers. This event united various causes, including support for Palestine, workplace safety, and trans rights, continuing the workers’ longstanding tradition of solidarity.

Once a factory producing luxury car parts beyond the reach of its own workers, the GKN factory faced closure in July 2021. However, the workers intervened, establishing a permanent assembly to keep the factory open. They have since proposed a reindustrialisation plan to manufacture solar panels and cargo bikes, aiming to serve the community rather than generate profit.

As the assembly nears its three-year mark, the workers are facing severe financial hardship, having gone unpaid for five months. The urgency for public intervention to transfer the factory to worker control is critical. Inspired by student actions over Palestine, the workers have started an encampment, with three individuals now on hunger strike until their demands are met.

This is a pivotal moment to support the workers. Their victory could serve as a powerful example of a better world, not just for Italy but globally.


  1. Spread Awareness: Share the workers’ story by distributing this video and following their social media accounts: website insorgiamo.org, Facebook coordinamentogknfirenze, Instagram @collettivofabbricagkn.
  2. Donate: Contribute to the popular share issue aiming to raise 1,000,000 euros, becoming part of the assembly that will manage the factory. Nearly 800,000 euros have been raised so far. The deadline is June 30. Pledge in the UK at GoFundMe, or internationally at insorgiamo.org/100×10-000.
  3. Order a Cargo Bike: Support the campaign by ordering a cargo bike, now in production. Provide feedback on its performance and help promote the initiative. More information and orders can be made at insorgiamo.org/cargo-bike.
  4. Save the Date: Keep July 12 free for the third anniversary of the occupation, to be celebrated in Florence with an organised international presence from across Europe.

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