Herd Immunity Part 2 by Sean Taylor

26 October 2020

Please find below the latest release from Sean Taylor and the introduction to the track written by the artist.

In the UK more people have died from coronavirus than any other country in Europe. The delayed lockdown cost lives and was combined with both unclear and contradictory messaging. The release of untested patients into care homes led to thousands of deaths. It has taken over six months and between 40,000-60,000 deaths to bring in some airport testing and compulsory facemasks in most public spaces.


Deregulation, outsourcing and corruption has been the Conservative hallmark. The Tories have given contracts to unaccountable private companies (their friends and donors) who have failed to provide adequate PPE or a testing system that works. In the last few years both America and the UK have become breeding grounds for far-right extremism. Conspiracy anti-lockdown fascists have been empowered by the racism of Trump and Johnson.

As an artist I will use my work to challenge a criminally negligent ruling class and the growth of fascism.

Introducing my latest song ‘Herd Immunity’ (part 2). ‘Herd Immunity (part 2)’ written by Sean Taylor Produced by Mark Hallman Film by Reel News Sean Taylor – vocals, piano and guitars Mark Hallman – bass, drums & hammond organ Joe Morales – saxophone.

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