In conversation with Tre Ventour (and an event hosted by ISW)

7 November 2020

An “In Conversation” event with Tre Ventour, a Northampton-born Black activist, poet, multiracial writer, and speaker.

The interview, in an informal and relaxed way, covers what it means to be “multi-racial”, Black History, Critical Race Theory, Capitalism and class, Black Lives Matter, de-colonising literature, and activist poetry. Interview conducted by Paul Crofts. For more information about Tre please visit his website


Paul Crofts would also like to bring to members attention an event hosted by Independent Socialists in Wellingborough which will take place over Zoom on:

US elections: What Happens Next?

Wednesday (November 11th) at 7.30pm (see Zoom details below). 

Guest speakers:

Dr. Ron Mendel and

Susan Pashkoff

Ron is an ex-New Yorker who emigrated to England 33 years ago. He was a senior lecturer in American Studies and most recently International Relations and Politics at the University of Northampton. He served as President of the Northampton Trade Union Council for 13 years. Since moving to Bristol he has been active in Protect Our NHS and as a volunteer at the Palestine Museum.

Susan is an American economist living in London, a blogger, and a life-long political activist. She is a member of Socialist Resistance, Anti*Capitalist Resistance, and the Labour Party. She jointly introduced the book “Resisting Trump – Articles from an International Viewpoint” published in 2017.
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