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Some of the latest industrial news from around the country.

Last week trade unionists were finally able to celebrate the vindication of the Shrewsbury 24 who had their conspiracy charge from the 1970s overturned in the Court of Appeal. Actor Ricky Tomlinson one of the strikers said he would face prison “in a heartbeat” to stand up for workers’ rights”. Ricky endured months of solidarity confinement during his two years in prison because he acted as a political prisoner.

He said he did what he had to, adding:

“You’ve got to fight, haven’t you?”

Deliveroo Workers

Deliveroo workers are expected to strike on Wednesday 7 April 2021 over exploitive working practices and low pay.

British Gas Workers

Hundreds of British Gas engineers could be sacked by the end of the week after refusing to sign contracts that extend their working hours. This nine-month dispute is now reaching its climax as big business continues to negate agreed terms and conditions by ‘firing and rehiring’.

Sign and send support here.

Scotrail Workers

Scotrail Conductors will be holding a series of strikes on overtime payments. The RMT union advises that affected staff will be walking out every Sunday until 2 May 2021. General Secretary Mick Cash said: “The wholesale cancellation of services is entirely down to ScotRail‎ and their pig-headed refusal to treat their conductors with the equity and fairness that they deserve.” He said that instead of issuing statements about front-line workers who had kept essential services moving throughout the pandemic “ScotRail should be back at the negotiating table settling this very basic issue of equality on enhancements for rest day working”.

The RMT is currently balloting ScotRail ticket examiners for strike action over the same issue. The ballot runs until 8 April.

Go-Ahead North West Bus Drivers

Manchester Bus Drivers working for Go-Ahead are now into the second month of their dispute with employers over another case of ‘fire and rehire’.

If Go North West’s fire and rehire proposals are implemented it will result in:

  • A 10 percent cut in bus drivers
  • Workers, who earn an average of £24,000 per annum, forced to work longer for no additional pay, resulting in them being £2,500 a year worse off
  • Tearing up the existing sick pay policy, which will force workers to work when they are sick or should be self-isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unite regional secretary Ritchie James said:

“If Go Ahead were allowed to implement its fire and rehire policies it would result in our members, who have been in the frontline since the pandemic began, having to work longer for far less money”

Workers at Service to the Aged (SAGE) care home in North London

Workers at SAGE a care home in North London have had enough of risking their lives for poverty wages and poor treatment. The workers say it’s time for £12 per hour and parity with NHS annual leave and sick pay entitlements!

A full set of worker demands can be found here.

Strike Map UK is a good place to keep a check on local disputes that don’t always appear in the media.

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