JUST STOP OIL – Slow Marches

As this Tory government continues to make the Climate and Ecological Crises worse, by approving over 100 new oil & gas licences - as well as a new coalmine in Cumbria - climate groups are stepping up their actions. By Allan Todd.


In particular, after Extinction Rebellion’s ‘The Big One’ (21 – 24 April)

Just Stop Oil will be following up on the huge success of their slow marches last autumn, by taking to the streets of London again – this spring and summer– for a campaign of daily slow marches in the capital. These will carry on until the government meets their demand to stop all new fossil fuel licenses.

Slow marches are still legal (so LOW RISK of arrest), and are extremely effective. The plan is to keep up the pressure on this ecocidal government to stop all new fossil fuel licences.

Each region will be going down to London for a week at a time, and the Northern Weeks are:

* 21-27 MAY

* 2-8 JULY

Lots have already signed up from the North, but everyone is needed to make it super effective!

Before then, there will be some ‘warm-up’ slow marches – in KENDAL and LANCASTER – so people can get a feel for what they’re like before going to London.

Here are the dates:
💫SATURDAY 29 APRIL: Kendal slow march
💫SATURDAY 13 MAY: Lancaster slow march
💫SUNDAY 21-SATURDAY 27 MAY: Northern teams’ 1st week of slow marches in London
💫SUNDAY 2-SATURDAY 8 JULY: Northern teams’ 2nd week of slow marches in London

Please get in touch if you’re interested in stepping up to slow march, and/or sign up.

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Allan Todd is a member of ACR’s Council and of Left Unity’s National Council, and an ecosocialist/environmental and anti-fascist activist. He is the author of Revolutions 1789-1917, Ecosocialism not Extinction, and Trotsky: The Passionate Revolutionary – and the forthcoming Che Guevara: The Romantic Revolutionary (out 30 May 2024)

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