No Borders

16 December 2020

To celebrate the release of his new album ‘Lockdown’ Sean Taylor has released a very special video ‘No Borders’ with special guest Emma Thompson . The album is available @…/s…… …


No borders. One World. Refugees welcome. The beauty of our world is the diversity of its inhabitants. Every race, culture, and religion create a land of splendour. Multiculturalism gives us the music we listen to, the food we eat, our favourite footballers, and our lovers, friends, and families.

Every day we are taught to hate people who are different. Fear is the prison that holds us, and racism is the poison that divides us.

Official YouTube channel for international touring artist Sean Taylor fusing Americana, blues, folk, spoken word and social commentary ”Superbly tailored songs” (Four stars) Daily Mirror ”Articulate, compelling … brilliant” (Four stars) Mojo Magazine ”A star in the making …a superb talent” Metro

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