Pathetic Alternative failing in Long Eaton

United Against Hate: A community unites, writes a Participant in Nottingham, to drown out the voices of division, proving that solidarity and unity can triumph over prejudice and intolerance."


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A handful of Patriotic Alternative members arrived on Long Eaton Market Place early and were able to quickly put up a small platform of scaffolding poles. They were soon surrounded by anti-racists and anti-racists from local anti-racist groups and trade unions, who kept up a loud and continuous chanting to drown out any PA hate-speak.

We were quickly joined by more and more police who helped the PA supporters guarding each side of the platform to move it to a dead corner. A meeting, of sorts, then took place, with two police vans parked up as side protection and three lines of 100 police lined up in front, facing twice the number of demonstrators. Patriotic Alternative speakers could not be heard, even with their megaphone.

Total numbers: PA – no more than 70, with several from their leadership*, a group from an anti-refugee campaign group in Kegworth, North Leicestershire, and some more local people.

Police – 100+, and well organised to get the meeting held and be over and dispersed as quickly as possible. They protected them, by sealing off a street, so that they couldn’t be chased off.

Anti-racist and anti-fascist demonstrators – 200+ 

Anti fascist protest in Long Eaton

*Note, we now know that Patriotic Alternative has suffered a bitter split with a group, possibly the majority, hiving off to found a party “Homeland”.

It will be interesting to see if it is PA or Homeland who go to Cannock on Sunday and Walsall the following week.

We must stop them getting a toe hold in any of our towns.

Anti fascist protest in Long Eaton

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