Russian imperialism makes power grab against Ukraine

A statement on Ukraine by Social Movement (Sotsialnyi Ruh) a group of democratic socialists based in Ukraine.


Statement by ‘Sotsialnyi Ruh’ which was originally posted here

Russia’s recognition of the LDPR is a crime of imperialism against peace. The Social Movement considers the legitimacy of the self-proclaimed republics in Ukraine to be an open disregard for the principle of inviolability of territorial integrity. The justification for this step is striking in its absurdity: Putin spoke from the position of a person that wants to correct the “mistakes” of Vladimir Lenin, who recognized the right of nations to self-determination. Russia is unpredictable, as its leadership has made it clear that it is guided not by the rule of law but by imperialist ambitions.

Only a socialist and democratic Ukraine can resist the oligarchic authoritarianism of the Russian Federation. Preserving the independence of our country depends on abandoning the model of oligarchic capitalism. These include the nationalization of the financial system and strategic enterprises, the confiscation of luxuries, and a ban on capital outflows. Without these measures, the burden of military spending will fall on the poor labor majority of Ukraine. Democratization and the unification of society require the rejection of scandalous decommunization laws.

Global solidarity is the path to peace in Ukraine. Overcoming the crisis situation is primarily dependent on getting rid of the mistrust that exists between people, who are separated by a border or front line. We reached out to the progressive movements in the West for them to ask for relief of Ukraine’s foreign debt. We wish the Russian left success in the struggle for the demilitarization of Russia. We call on the people of the self-proclaimed republics to fight together with the rest of Ukraine for socialism and freedom. Let’s show that the world is united in the pursuit of peace and a decent life!

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