29 October 2020

A statement in solidarity with the uprising in Belarus, signed by MPs, activists, trade unionists and others.

As activists, writers, trade unionists and politicians on the left in the UK, we are writing to extend our solidarity with the people of Belarus in their struggle for democracy. Since the rigged elections on 8th August, millions of Belarusians have defied the regime of Alexander Lukashenko.  

The strikes and mass protests taking place across Belarus are not just an important means of defying Lukashenko. They are an inspiration to workers and progressives across Europe and the world. 

Our solidarity extends to all those who are struggling for democracy, the rights of minorities, and for the right to freely dissent and organise in Belarus. We note also the special role of organised workers in the uprising, and we send our solidarity to them in the face of persecution and strike-breaking by the regime. 

We utterly reject the idea that democratisation, or a more open society, need be a move towards neo liberal economic reforms. Only by organising together as a mass movement can ordinary people guarantee and extend democracy in society and the economy. 

We will organise in solidarity with the people of Belarus. We call on the left, progressives and the trade union movement in the UK and across the world to do likewise, and to oppose the introduction of repressive forces from outside Belarus.

  1. John McDonnell MP
  2. Nadia Whittome MP
  3. Caroline Lucas MP
  4. Owen Thompson MP
  5. Kenny Macaskill MP
  6. Virendra Sharma MP
  7. Apsana Begum MP
  8. Clive Lewis MP
  9. Kate Osamor MP
  10. Sam Tarry MP
  11. Mick Antoniw AM, Member of Welsh Parliament
  12. Paul Mason, journalist
  13. Richard Corbett, Shipley, former leader of Labour MEPs
  14. Michael Chessum, Another Europe is Possible
  15. Ana Oppenheim, Momentum NCG 
  16. Peter Tatchell, human rights activist
  17. Laura Parker, former Momentum national coordinator
  18. Zoe Williams, London, journalist
  19. Pasco-Q Kevlin, Labour Party
  20. Anthony Ingle, Musician
  21. Peter Buckley, Oldham West and Royton Labour CLP
  22. Robbie Stamp
  23. Joseph Healy, Anti Capitalist Resistance
  24. Anthony Cable 
  25. Sarah Windrum 
  26. Scarlett McGuire, London, Journalist
  27. Shaista Aziz, Oxford Labour Councillor, Stop Trump coalition
  28. Simon Bean
  29. Joseph Ingleby
  30. Eleanor Gibson 
  31. Philippa Rathborne
  32. Bill Starling
  33. Roy Seaman 
  34. Deborah Jay-Lewin
  35. Lorraine Shaw, Member of the Labour Party 
  36. Ken Barker, Unite (Cardiff General Branch)
  37. Daniel Randall, Assistant Chair, RMT Bakerloo branch (pc)
  38. Howard Harris
  39. Ian Fairbairn 
  40. Julian Evans, Bristol, MCIJ
  41. Sandro Montagner, London
  42. David Taffs, Dartford
  43. Mike McNulty, Edinburgh, SNP Member
  44. Gemma Driver, West Sussex, Development Consultant
  45. Viv Seears, Maentwrog
  46. Diana Morgan, Leatherhead Surrey England
  47. Huw Morgan, London
  48. Nigel Hawker, Yorkshire
  49. Brian Fowler, Lancashire
  50. Tim Guy, Milton Keynes
  51. Miles Newman, Lancaster
  52. Morgan Gordon, London
  53. Darius Samadian, Harrogate  
  54. Thomas Grayson-Smith, London 
  55. Caroline Hering, London
  56. Nick Maiden, Chester
  57. Ian Callister, Ashford 
  58. Juliana Grundy, Wigan, UNISON and Labour Party 
  59. C.fraser, Hertfordshire, Anti Facist
  60. Stephanie Bowgett, Huddersfield
  61. Kevin Edwards, Brighton
  62. David Cooper, Crawley
  63. Stephen Harvey, Southampton 
  64. Lyndsay Wheble, Bristol 
  65. Sonia Rawlinson, Burnley
  66. Bridget Carrington, Dereham, Norfolk, Labour Party member
  67. Di Murray , Barnstaple 
  68. Katie Blood, Tamworth 
  69. Richard Duployen, Abingdon-on-Thames, European Movement, Oxford Region Branch
  70. John Camp, London
  71. Timothy Mullen, Stoke-on-Trent
  72. Jennie Cook, Southbourne
  73. John Collins, London
  74. Edna Mullen , Stoke-on-Trent
  75. Shelley Jackson , Towcester 
  76. Irena Paxton, Cardiff
  77. Keith Reader, London 
  78. Simon Evans, London, Labour Party
  79. Jenifer Wates, Woodstock
  80. Ruth Appleton, London, Labour Party Delegate from Camden Unison
  81. Dr Christopher Wilkinson, Rhymney
  82. Martin Huebscher, Tunbridge Wells 
  83. Alison Rees, W Sussex
  84. Achsa Griffiths, Sandwich 
  85. Susan Mosedale, Glasgow 
  86. Philip Hylton , Warrington 
  87. David Sylph, York, Human rights activist
  88. Joan Green, Cambridge
  89. Richard Pierson, Yorkshire  
  90. Anthony lilly, Battle, Engineer
  91. Stan Smith, Nottingham, Labour Party member
  92. John Warburton, Mold
  93. Michal Guest Rob Payne, Southport 
  94. Keith Leech, Rotherham 
  95. Hannah Cole, Oxford 
  96. Daniel Nichols, Romford, Political Officer, Romford Labour Party
  97. Oliver Senton, Kent
  98. Roger Coates, Silesia, Retired
  99. Lyn Parry, Barcelona, Ex social worker
  100. Anne Davidson, Surrey

and 1124 other named individuals.

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