The Critical University: The past and present of THE PARIS COMMUNE

The Critical University presents a discussion on the past and present of The Paris Commune


The past and present of the Paris Commune Chaired by Simon Hannah.

The Paris Commune’s past – Sandra Bloodworth and Paul Mason will be speaking on the events of the Paris Commune, from the crisis brought about by war to the revolutionary seizure of power by the working people of Paris and the radical policies they implemented in the 72 days of freedom. Speakers Sandra Bloodworth is a labour historian and a member of Socialist Alternative in Australia. She is the author of “The Paris Commune: Glorious harbinger of a new society”. Paul Mason is a journalist, and author who has written a number of books including Post-Capitalism and Clear Bright Future: A Radical Defence of the Human Being. He has produced a two-part documentary on the Paris Commune.

The Paris Commune’s present – Our second session will be led by Penelope Duggan and Gilbert Achcar looking at the form of the commune today; the idea of radical democracy, of seizing spaces from capital, and what the commune might teach us about revolutionary strategy. Speakers Penelope Duggan is a leading member of the Fourth International. She has written the introduction to The Paris Commune: An ode to emancipation (Resistance Books) Gilbert Achcar is a Professor at SOAS, University of London. He is the author of “La Commune de Paris – 1871” in Revolutions (Haymarket).

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