Trans Art at the Vagina Museum

Double Okay, a grassroots queer and trans artist collective, takes over the Vagina Museum on January 19, challenging exclusionary narratives and advocating for trans inclusion in discussions about bodies and health.


Double Okay, which describes itself as a “grassroots, queer and trans artist collective”, is taking over the Vagina Museum tomorrow (19th of January). According to PinkNews, this event will aim to show how “trans people should be included in spaces that talk about bodies and health, rather than pushed out by TERFs.” 

Attendees can expect to see mixed-media pieces, with videos and performances drawing on the queer traditions of drag and cabaret. These are types of self-expression rooted in queer history, which have increasingly become the target of fascist and state (legislative-judicial) campaigns to demonise and further oppress queer people. 

A*CR welcomes all such cultural and queer celebrations, especially in the context of the UK and international anti-queer repression and the general denial of trans lives and freedoms. Body fascism, systems to police, delimit, eliminate and erase bodies considered “abnormal” or “suspect”, forms a central plank in the ideological toolkit of the forces of reaction today, and resisting it is imperative. Aesthetic works, including performance art, are a part of the class struggle against marginalisation. 

You can purchase tickets to attend here, or visit the excellent Vagina Museum during its regular opening hours to learn more about the bodies of women and gender minorities as sites of contest, autonomy and liberation. 

Smash the binary! Trans liberation! 

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