Universal Basic Income in Ireland

22 November 2020

We’re passing on two pieces of news that have been brought to our attention by member Zbigniew Luczynski, and are relating to basic income which you might find of interest.

Firstly, Basic Income Ireland has held a forum on Piloting Universal Basic Income in Ireland. It had three renowned international speakers: Evelyn Forget, Wendy Hearty, and Jurgen De Wispelaere, as well as Helen Johnston and Sean Ward giving in Irish perspective.

In June 2020, the new Irish Programme for Government provided for a pilot of Universal Basic Income in the lifetime of the government. This Forum will provide an opportunity to learn from previous pilots and to prepare to engage with the Irish one.

Even though the event has passed it should appear on the Basicincome. ie website under the events tab.

Evelyn Forget was also a guest on the Feasta/EHFF podcast ‘basic income and the global pandemic struggle,’ recorded earlier this year. She spoke about her research into the health and social effects of a basic income trial that was held in rural Canada in the 1970s.

Secondly, last month Feasta’s Caroline Whyte participated in a Great Transition Initiative forum on the pros and cons of a universal basic income. Her contribution, along with 30 or so others, has just been published on the GTI website.

The lively debate was initiated by Guy Standing and you can find many interesting insights in both the ‘for’ and the ‘against’ panels. Other contributors include Vicki Robin, Mary Mellor, and Alf Hornborg. Caroline’s contribution is the third from the last in the left panel.

If members want to bring news of campaigns or events to the wider Anti*Capitalist Resistance community please let me know at contact@anticapitalistresistance.org

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