We stand with Polish women

28 October 2020

Our friends at Another Europe is Possible are publicising a series of protests against the appalling decision by the Polish Courts to restrict a women’s right to choose on the issue of abortion. Anti*Capitalist Resistance encourages as many comrades to attend as possible, but if you are unable please show your solidarity by using #WyrokNaKobiety #StrajkKobiet on social media.

Last week, Poland’s top court ruling outlawed nearly all abortions.

Even before the latest news, Poland already had some of the EU’s strictest abortion laws, allowing a termination only in cases of rape or incest, serious threat to the pregnant person’s health, or severe foetal defects. Now, the Constitutional Tribunal – dominated by allies of the government and following a far-right campaign – has removed the third exception, accounting for 98% of all legal terminations. The ruling could force women to give birth to children with no chance of survival, or risk their lives seeking unsafe illegal abortions. Hundreds of thousands of people in Polish cities and towns are now out in the streets, protesting against the decision and demanding the right to choose. Solidarity actions led by Polish migrants are also taking place in the UK and across Europe.

On Saturday, over a thousand people were at a spontaneous protest in front of the Polish Embassy in London. Please follow Razem London for updates about future demos planned in the capital.

Meanwhile, protests are being planned in other cities:

Manchester – 51 Portland Street, tomorrow 5pm. Facebook event here.
Aberdeen –  Marischal College, tomorrow, 5:30pm. Event here.
Brighton – West Pier, tomorrow, 7pm. Event here.
Edinburgh – Scottish Parliament, Thursday 5pm. Event here.
York – York Minster, Thursday 6pm. Event here.
Kirkcaldy – Adam Smith Theatre, Friday 6pm. Event here.
Belfast – City Hall, Saturday, 12 noon. Event here.
Bristol – Cheltenham Rd, Sunday, 3:30pm. Event here.
Birmingham – City Centre, Sunday, 4pm. Event here.

In 2016, mass protests stopped another attempt to completely ban abortion. This time, we can do it again and fight for reproductive freedom in Poland to become a reality.

Meanwhile, if you’re able to, please consider donating to one of these brilliant organisations supporting people in Poland who are in need of an abortion:

Ciocia Basia is a Berlin-based activist group helping Polish women access legal abortions in Germany. Donate here.

Abortion Without Borders works with Abortion Support Network to help Polish women access safe abortions, in Poland or abroad. Donate here.

Abortion Dream Team runs high-profile national campaigns and provides Polish women with information about their rights. Donate here.

We also encourage you to tweet your photos from the protests or post a message of solidarity on the hashtags #WyrokNaKobiety #StrajkKobiet.

Thank you! Your support is really appreciated. This article was taken from a campaign email by Another Europe is Possible.

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