AC Radio Episode 10 – The Fashion Industry under Capitalism

In this episode of the podcast, Tansy E Hoskins discusses her book "Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion", with Rowan Fortune, offering insights into the negative impact of the modern fashion industry on workers, consumers, and the environment, while providing a vision for a more sustainable future. Actress Emma Watson praises the book as a call for revolution, and the episode also highlights an upcoming event to commemorate the Rana Plaza factory collapse.


Tansy Hoskins talks about her book Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion and how the modern fashion industry affects workers, consumers and the environment. She also points to a vision of how things might be different and why clothing, fashion and the way we feel about how we look matters. Actress Emma Watson said about the book “Makes a strong case for nothing less than a revolution”. We also encourage you to join an event to mark the tenth anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Savar, Bangladesh. Sunday 23rd April.

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Rowan Fortune authored Writing Nowhere; edited the anthology of utopian short fiction Citizens of Nowhere; and contributed to the collaborative book System Crash. It writes on utopian imagination, revolutionary theory and trans* liberation.

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