Anti*Capitalist Resistance and the Autonomous Design Group

To celebrate the launch of the Anti*Capitalist Resistance website, we have commissioned the Autonomous Design Group to design two posters.

The remit was to produce posters that encapsulated the work of the Camden Poster Workshop and the revolutionary spirit of the late 1960s, early 1970s.

The Autonomous Design Group is an independent collective of designers, artists, and creatives opposed to capitalism and authoritarianism. They believe in building and supporting popular, unmediated struggle against capitalism. The group’s goal is the mass dissemination of ideas through the street to change life. The placing of art onto the street should not just be a one-off thing, a small act of rebellion, photographed and catalogued into an object, which can later be turned into a commodity and sold. Instead, posters and stickers should be produced on mass as cheaply as possible, everywhere, repeated thousands of times over, affecting the geography of space, and millions of people’s consciousness.

The Anti*Capitalist Resistance supports the aims of the Autonomous Design Group and they were the perfect fit for our first poster designs. I hope that you like the work that has been produced and if further information is needed on the Autonomous Design Group then click on the link above.

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