“everything, everywhere, all at once (a new ACR leaflet)

A new leaflet from Anti*Capitalist Resistance on the ecosocialist alternative, ready to be handed out at 'The Big One'


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Latest Articles

  • Pablo –  the footloose revolutionary
    Dave Kellaway reviews The Well-Dressed Revolutionary. The Odyssey of Michel Pablo in the age of uprisings by Hall Greenland (published by Resistance Book, September 2023)
  • Sudan’s huge tragedy and the way out
    Sudan’s political crisis continues to escalate, with the country sliding into civil war. This article by Gilbert Achcar analyses the roots of the conflict and argues that international intervention is needed to impose a ceasefire and enable a democratic transition.
  • Reactionary Branding
    Much has already been written about Russell Brand’s recent downfall, and it is crucial to understand Brand and the context that made him. But a deeper problem is opened up by Brand, the problem of the reactionary left. Rowan Fortune charts the fall of Brand, and then tackles what makes the left converge with far-right conspiracists.
  • Defend the right to protest, strike and boycott..
    Veronica Fagan explores the ways the Tories are attacking our rights to organise – including the under-discussed anti-boycott bill
  • Birmingham City Council: honour your commitment to net zero by 2030
    A statement initiated by Birmingham Climate Justice Coalition.

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