Hugo Blanco’s urgent medical costs

This article provides an update on the current health crisis of Hugo Blanco, a celebrated Peruvian activist, who is hospitalised in Sweden and urgently needs financial assistance for his medical expenses.


Hugo Blanco is currently in hospital in Sweden receiving urgent medical care. He is not entitled to free medical care and the bill is growing daily. He is being cared for by his children but we need help from the international community to cover these costs. Hugo Blanco was born in Peru and has spent his life fighting for social, economic and environmental justice. He has been an integral part of the Peruvian and wider Latin American Left since the 1950s, spending forty years in and out of prison and exile. He was a leader of the indigenous peasant struggle that culminated in the 1968 land reform, was first elected to parliament in 1978 and ran for President in 1980. He has long been one of the foremost champions of indigenous rights and ecosocialism. Read more about Hugo’s life here

An update on our father, Hugo Blanco’s, current situation:

He is still hospitalised in Sweden. He is undergoing a series of investigations and treatments to establish the diagnosis, and each of these diagnostic and treatment procedures are very expensive. They include, for example, digestive endoscopies and feeding through the vein, among others, and they will continue to do so. At the moment, we can be optimistic because there is some improvement. He had an intestinal obstruction near the stomach, and it seems to be resolving, but the cause is not completely clear, and we have to wait for a period of intensive treatment to see if it resolves, which hopefully it will. As a result, she continues to improve, hopefully, but requires intensive and costly treatment and evaluation, so any solidarity you can give is still needed and deeply appreciated. We will keep you informed of his progress.


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